Whatsapp for QMOBILE e860 – e880 – e890 – e950

Whatsapp for Qmobile e860 Qmobile is a is new Pakistan’s quality brand mobile phone and smartphone producers, well known for the Qmobile e860 – e880 – e890 – e950 models.

Those models, considering the limited hardware and the absence of Android or similar famous operating system (like iOs or Nokia symbian) are quite cheap and produced mainly for the low-end users. The low-cost price make them very affordable but, at the same time, the lack of a good compatible Operating system make the installation of well known Apps (like Whatsapp) not so easy. But here there is a simple solution !

The Qmobile e860, e880, e890 and e950 models run on a simple JAVA OS (operating system) so you can download and install Whatsapp on these old phones by following the Whatsapp for JAVA guide published here. Regarding running Whatsapp on these old mobile phones there is some additional limitations, like:

1) If you wish to send little emoji (emoticons) in your messages, you will need another app. Sorry guys, this is not something which is included. You need to download a separate app for this.

2) When you wish to send certain messages, you will need to look at each icon. There is one on the bottom for the microphone. This is for sending voice messages to the person. There is an icon on the left, this is the arrow. Use this to send video footage or pictures. All the other icons are pretty much self-explanatory.

3) Blocking someone is so easy. All you do is go into your contacts. Find the name and click on the “block” tab. Once this is done, he or she can’t get in touch with you for any reason.

4) If you wish to backup any files, you can do it one of two ways. You can do things manually or it automatic. If you want to do things manually, pick any given day and back everything up. If you wish to do things automatically. Go into the settings and pick when you want it to be done and the repetition.

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Next, I will be covering some Generic FAQ’s about the apps.

1) Is messaging free?
It depends. Do you have a valid subscription to the app? Do you have enough data usage on your phone? If the answers to these are yes, then everything is covered.

2) What if I am having problems with the data?
I personally recommend you use a wifi connection. This will help out. If you have a “roaming” phone, you might have to pay for extras.

3) What happens when I send messages inviting friends to use the app?
You may or may not have to deal with extra charges. It all depends on the phone service you use.

4) What does the “call feature” do?
Whatsapp doesn’t provide one. If you are using one, it’s what it already on your phone. If you use this feature, even for Whatsapp, you might have to pay extras with this too. Check with your phone company first.

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