Whatsapp for SONY Ericsson Vivaz

Whatsapp for Sony Ericsson VivazThe Sony Ericsson Vivaz uses an operation system that is different from the standard Android and Apple iOS.

It uses what is known as Symbian (S60 series 5th Edition). At one point in time, this was actually the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but there were so many variations it made it difficult for different mobile phone manufactures to maintain similar features as other phones. Android eventually took over and became the default operating system on most devices and it actually shares many of the same features and works in a similar manor as Symbian. So, if you are looking to install WhatsApp onto your Sony Ericsson Vivaz, you are thankfully in luck, as the application does have an option for functioning on your Symbian based device.

Now, there are two different options for installing the WhatsApp onto your mobile device. It really depends on the version of Symbian you are running. If you obtain your applications through Google Play, you can go through the Google Play store to download the app If you don’t, you need to use your Internet browser on the device.

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When using Google Play, launch the application, then type in “Whatsapp”. After typing this up, select the application and wait for it to download Once it has finished downloading, select the icon that is now on your screen and follow the prompts to install the application. You do need to type in your mobile device’s phone number in order to complete the process. The device is then going to scan over your contact lists to see if other people have Whatsapp installed on their mobile device as well.

If you have a previous version of Symbian on your Sony Ericsson Vivaz, you need to download the application from the Internet. Open the Internet browser on your device, then head over to the WhatsApp.com website. When asked what sort of device you want to download the application to, select Nokia. The Nokia download is the Symbian download and it covers your Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

After the file has finished downloading, you need to open it up, which loads the installation wizard. This is similar to the Google Play option, in which you are going to be asked to fill in your telephone number in order to sync up everything. After you have completed this process, it is possible to begin using WhatsApp on your Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

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