Whatsapp for T-Mobile G1

The T-Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream or the Era G1, is an Android OS-powered smartphone developed by the HTC Corporation. Originally released in 2008, this smartphone features a slide out keyboard, Wi-Fi networking, 3 megapixel camera, bluetooth for stereo music and calls, and 5 hours of talk time.

It also has integration with Google services such as Gmail, customizable graphical user interface and access to Android applications to download. The CPU for Android is 528 MHz ARM 11. The screen size is 320 x 280 pixels.
T-mobile g1
T-Mobile G1 is capable of downloading applications such as Whatsapp, the popular cross platform messenger for smartphones such as iOS, Androids, Blackberry, Nokia, Tizen, Firefox OS and Symbian. Follow these steps to install Whatsapp onto your T-Mobile G1 phone.

1. The first thing you need to do is check what Android version your phone is. Find your setting menu on your phone. Tap “about phone” and then “software information” under this menu. Once you have tapped “software information” your current version should be listed in this information.

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Whatsapp will not work for later versions such as 1.6. The app should work for versions Android 2.1 or Android 2.2.

2. Once you have confirmed that you have a version that supports the app, go to the Google Play Store app on your Android.

3. Use the search engine in the store to search for Whatsapp. Select “Whatsapp Messenger” from the listing page.

4. There should be an install option, select this. Before downloading, the app might ask for your permission to install, just tap “accept“.

From there, you just need to wait until the app is downloaded and afterward it should show up among your other apps. Once you have the application downloaded, you should be able to text or chat with friends through Whatsapp.