Whatsapp for TECNO PHONES

whatsapp for tecno phonesThe WhatsApp is a free, popular social media-type app that has taken smart phones, tablets and all other handheld devices by storm. If you’re new to using the app, then you’re probably wondering where to begin. If you search around the internet, most of the helping guides to using the WhatsApp are going to be for Apple users, and the occasional Android.

If you’re by chance a Tecno user, or have recently required a Tecno phone, then you’ve come to the right place. This will help you if you’re using a Tecno T77, Tecno T1, Tecno T3, Tecno T4, Tecno T65, or any other up to date model of the phone. Luckily if you’re a Tecno user, the app is not painfully difficult to download and install on the model or other China phones. There has been a plethora of complaints that the app already comes pre-loaded when they purchase their phones, but it’s an easy fix to the constant frustration.

With the Whatsapp, you won’t have to remember a plethora of different pins and passwords that will only end up confusing you in the end and you’ll never have to log in and out of your account. Whether you’re on the app at that moment or offline, you’ll still be able to receive messages, pictures, videos and other forms of contacts with your friends and family!

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You’ll be able to back up all your conversations and even import your contacts from your mobile device so you don’t have to reinstall and re-add all your current contacts as it. It’s truly an app that serves its loyal users and listens to the voices they have, constantly updating and striving to make the app better than it already is.

If you’re reading to start interacting on your phone in a whole new way, here’s what you need to do:

1. Start by uninstalling the already the pre-installed WhatsApp on your phone, only if you’re not comfortable with its presence on your device. Just uninstall the application, don’t delete it just yet.

2. Download the new WhatsApp application from the Google Play store if your phone runs on an Android OS. If not, you can try this link, or this link.

3. After everything is installed safely, open the app and register for the application and get started with your chatting!

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