Whatsapp for Tizen Os Phones

The fresh new Tizen OS has hit the Indian market by storm. It is a new Operating system by Samsung, Intel, and Linux and is based on the Linux Kernel and GNU C library. It runs on a broad gamut of devices from Samsung TVs, washing machines to Smartphones.

It seeks to create a consistent user experience across all its devices. It is today the 4th largest smartphone platform having overtaken Blackberry. It is also open source meaning its growth and app support is assured in the long run.

tizenIt has a growing app store and Samsung recently released new devices on the platform. It has captured the lower market segment quite aggressively and seems set to rock new heights. As a new user or potential new user, you may want to know whether is supports the most common apps in the market. App support is a crucial consideration for anyone who intends to buy a smartphone. WhatsApp is a must have. It is the easiest and most efficient way to communicate via text in the world today. It has close to a billion users and growing fast.

The 1st place to find out whether your Tizen phone supports it is to go to the official WhatsApp home page and search its device support list. You will be happy to notice they recently added Samsung Z1.it is the Samsung flagship device.

How To Install Whatsapp On Tizen Os Phones

There are two ways to install WhatsApp on your Tizen platform.


• Enable data on your phone and go to Tizen store. It is accessed by dragging upwards to access apps screen and choosing Tizen Store.

• Create a Samsung account and sign in with your new account.

• Search for WhatsApp and install by clicking on “Get” button. It will show a download bar and display the progress of the current download.

• When done, search for ACL for Tizen. Application Compatibility layer is an app that allows Android apps to run on Tizen platform. It is downloaded once and will run on demand but is always enabled. It is 48 MBS and crucial if you want to have access to a rich plethora of apps.

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• When done with installing ACL, WhatsApp will launch automatically.

• You will have to register on WhatsApp if you hadn’t before or log in to continue using WhatsApp. Not all features will work as in other phones but still reasonably workable.


Samsung recently rolled out a software update on Z1, which includes native support for WhatsApp without the ACL app download. It is available for OTA update and can be manually searched and installed. It fixes most of the bugs in the prior device and is available as an 18MB file download.

• Go to settings

• Click about device

• Click software updates

• Click check for updates and download the update

To install the new form of WhatsApp, you need you uninstall the old version. It is done by long pressing WhatsApp messenger and clicking the X button that appears.

To install, go to Tizen store and search for WhatsApp. You will find the app, and it’s free to download. It’s rated five stars in the store. The download which is 30MB shouldn’t take long.The installation procedure is pretty straightforward.

You should note that this App does not support WhatsApp calling to iPhone WhatsApp. It is expected the next update will solve this significant issue.

One of the biggest complaints about the Tizen phone OS has always been its apparent shortage of Apps. Its recent support for native WhatsApp app is a step in the right direction. The ACL support has also brought in many hitherto apps to the platform. It remains to be seen what direction it will take going forward. As of today, it is still difficult to convince an Android user to join Tizen.

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