Whatsapp for UBISLATE 7c and 7cz

Whatsapp for ubislate 7c and 7czWith the WhatsApp being available on so many different platforms and devices, it’s hard to keep track of the differences and the issues that can occur after downloading and launching the app.

While WhatsApp is wildly popular for mobile devices and smart phones, that’s not all it’s capable of, either. WhatsApp is also available for Tablets, with all the same features as the other platforms and devices. To make sure that the app runs correctly on your tablet, you need to have either 3G or WiFi if available to be able to message, send pictures and videos and get in contact with your family and friends.

The Ubislate is one of the cheapest tablet you can buy today on the market. It’s made of matte black plastic, size of 4.8 by 7 by by 0.4 inches (HWD) and weight of only 11 ounces an old memory card slot (TransFlash) a sealed battery and a small speaker on the back. All for about $38. But what Whatsapp?

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Can you download and install it on your Ubislate tablet? Well, everything depend on what Android OS version is installed on your Ubislate Tablet. If your Tablet has the most recent Android 4.4 (Kit-kat) then follow this quick tutorial and that’s it. But what if you have an older version like for example for the Ubislate 7c and 7cz ? Well again it depends on what’s your latest Android update: if you have Android 2.3 Os or above the procedure is very simple: just open your browser, go to the Google Play store and download & install Whatsapp. But if you have an Ubislate tablet with Android 2.2 or 2.3.6 then things can get a bit tougher and you have to follow this tutorial. If you still have problems, the last option is to manually download and install the Whatsapp APK file as explained here, install the latest beta version or watching the following video tutorial.

N.b. Whether you are a new user to the app or not, there’s a chance you’re going to run into some problems while installing Whatsapp on your Ubislate tablet. Sometimes it can be just a simple glitch, and others it will require some action on your part – but most will have a simple fix. For example, if you’re having trouble sending messages from your device, you’ll be receiving a “Sending Failed: Error” message that is most likely to pop up on your screen. If you are for sure using 3G or WiFi while the app is in use, here are some simple steps that you can take to get your app back up and running!

  • Click out of the app and go back to home screen of your tablet
  • Once there, go to the settings app
  • Go to reset settings option and click ‘rest all settings’ in your tablet
  • After this, restart your tablet
  • Go to network settings and update your internet settings
  • Open Google Play store
  • Re-install the WhatsApp application into your device
  • Once installed, open it and enter your information

It may or may not require you to re-download the app after resetting and restart your Tablet. If it still does, try restarting from step n. 3 above.

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