Whatsapp for Vodafone 858 Smart

How to Download Whatsapp for a Vodafone 858 Smart

This Vodafone was released in 2011 as an Android OS. The card slot is a microSD and can store up to 32 GB of data. The camera on this android allows for videos to be taken that includes geo-tagging features.
Vodafone 858 Smart
Sounds that are available on this smart phone include vibration, MP3, WAV Ringtones and even includes a loud speaker that the phone can access. The browser on this smart phone is in HTML and uses a Java MIDP emulator that can access voice command/memo, an organizer, a photo editor and viewer and many other features. The battery of this Vodafone can last up to 4 and a half hours with talk time.

How to Install Whatsapp on the Vodafone

To install Whatsapp on this Vodafone, follow the following steps:

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1.) Click on the following link to access the Whatsapp downloading website for Vodafone. The visible button that is green that says “download” should be clicked on.

2.) The site will then proceed to ask what type of Whatsapp messenger is desired to be downloaded. In this example, the 2.11.522 was clicked on.

3.) After clicking on the desired data usage for this messenger app, a pop up window will appear that says Opening Whatsapp 2.11.522. Click on the Open With button and press OK.

4.) The downloading will then begin and will open up a new file that will ask to save this application. Press the Save As button and choose whether the file should be located. Save the file and proceed to open the downloaded file.

5.) The next step is to run the Whatsapp application. The following instructions that will proceed involve typing in both the applicable phone number as well as the country code. For those who are using Whatsapp in the United States and have a US phone number, the country code is simply, +1.

6.) After downloading Whatsapp onto the Vodafone, process by creating a status as well as a profile picture which can be done with the camera feature on the phone. The process is simple as the profile picture can either be a new picture or can be an old photo from the Vodafone’s photo gallery.

7.) Some contacts may already by in Whatsapp; however, make sure that the desired contacts are also in the Whatsapp contacts list. This may mean adding a country code to the desired contact.

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