Whatsapp for VODAFONE phones

Whatsapp for Vodafone phonesVodafone is a mobile phone service provider out of the UK. As a service provider, it has all sorts of different mobile phone options available, ranging from Apple iPhones to Windows Phones and everything Android.

For someone who wants Whatsapp on their mobile device, it is going to come down to what sort of operating system they are running, although the general process is going to be roughly the same for the Vodafone user.

For starters, there is the Apple iPhone. It does not matter what version of iOS the phone is running, the installation process is going to be the same. For starters, you need to open the App Store, then type in “Whatsapp” and choose to download it. Once the file has finished downloading you just need to open it up and type in your device’s phone number. Once the phone has finished configuring to your Apple iPhone you are able to start using the messaging service.

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If you are using an Android device, it does not matter what kind of Android phone you are using or the version of Android you are using. It is all going to be about the same. To start, you want to open up Google Play and type in “WhatsApp”. From there, select the application to download and, once finished, open it up by pressing the icon that is now on your screen. Type in your devices phone number to complete the installation process and you are ready to start using WhatsApp on your Vodafone Android device.

With Windows Phone, you are going to choose your Windows App Store and again type in WhatsApp into the search field. Once you have located the application select it to download and, when you confirm the download, it is going to begin. After the file has finished downloading you just need to select the new application and either drag it into a tile on the front screen or you can choose it from your application list. With the application open, follow the installation prompts in order to complete the installation process. Once this has finished, type in your device’s mobile phone number and you are able to go on from there. The entire installation process only takes a few minutes and you are ready to go.

Whatsapp, once open, is going to function the same on any of the Vodafones you might actually own and operate.

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