Whatsapp for ZEN MOBILE

Whatsapp for Zen mobileThe WhatsApp has been booming with popularity and a continuous stream of downloads since its release, and it only continues to grow with more and more users joining on to the WhatsApp team – over 600 millions have joined the team. Now we’re here to help you installing the app for your Zen Mobile device, even if you have an older model like the Zen u105 or u105 fire, plus we’ll give you some simple tricks and tips that you can do with your WhatsApp to make it more personalized, easier to use and more suited to your liking and standards on your Zen device.

• No hidden costs
• No pins & usernames
• No constant logging in and out
Group chats & multimedia sharing
Address books automatically sync
• Offline messages received
No international charges

And so much more is offered by the WhatsApp, so what are we waiting for?
Can I Download The WhatsApp & If So, How?

Luckily for you, the answer is yes, you can. WhatsApp is a universal app that’s available on almost every single mobile platform that there is available, though the most popular include Apple products like the iPhone, iPod, iPads, Androids (which is what your Zen phone is), and Blackberry devices. Just like any other app that you’d download onto your phone or mobile device, you’re going to head over to the Play Store, search for the app and go through the means of downloading it and putting it on your phone. If you have an older model (like the zen u105 or u105 fire) then you must download the android free apk file as explained here or, alternatively, use the following shortcut to download the app for FREE: click this link to download it now, open it and your app will immediately be ready to use!

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks For Android Users
You Can Use The App Without A Number: Here’s how.

• Start off by uninstalling the app

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Redownload it (this is crucial)
• Put your phone into flight mode
• Open the application and insert your phone number, but this time the app won’t be able to see the text message to your phone
• The WhatsApp will now give you multiple different ways to verify your number
• Choose the “check through SMS” option and enter an active email you have, click send and immediately then cancel, which will terminate the whole process
• Download the “Spoof Messages” app in your phone
• This will give you a fake number & country code and send this to your email address
• A message will be sent to this number and you will be able to use this in your WhatsApp!
zen mobile def
Share Big Files On WhatsApp:
• Install the two apps DropBox and CloudSend onto your phone
• Open the CloudSend app and it will help you link to the Dropbox application
• Share a file that you want to send to your friends on WhatsApp, and it’ll be automatically put into the Dropbox server
• Copy the link given to you and send it to your friends via the WhatsApp

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