Couria for WhatsApp

Jailbreaking an iPhone is one of the toughest chores that users of solutions such as WhatsApp face. For those of you not down with geek speak, to jailbreak means to remove safeguards from a phone that prevent the installation of solutions such as WhatsApp .

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Well, now there is a handy solution that makes jailbreaking a smartphone faster and easier than ever before. It is Couria, a jailbreak tweak that makes installing WhatsApp far easier than ever before.

Why You Might Need to Jailbreak Your iPhone

An iPhone has to be jailbroken because it uses a closed operating system, Apple’s iOS. Unlike Google’s Android, iOS is a closed operating system, which means that only solutions made by Apple or approved by Apple can be installed upon it. Apple does not make the software that would allow anybody to write an app for its system available to most developers.

A jailbreak tweak is a solution that is designed to open up iOS to allow you to install non-Apple solutions on your phone, hence the slang term “jailbreak.” Before such tweaks were made available, you had to locate an expert or spend a lot of time and effort to jailbreak an iPhone.

Once you install Couria, you should be able to quickly reply to a message no matter what you are doing on your phone. For example, you could reply to your spouse’s message about the shopping list without interrupting the video you are watching.

Couria Activator

Couria allows you to jailbreak an iPhone and install WhatsApp on it fairly quickly and easily because it does all the work for you. Not everybody likes jailbreaking a smartphone or approves of it, but Couria makes the job a lot easier.

How Couria Makes WhatsApp Better

Couria can make WhatsApp work a lot faster by helping you reply to your messages quickly. All you need to do to reply once you install Couria is to tap on the banner notification or swipe the messages displayed on the lock screen.

Couria works well with WhatsApp because it was specifically designed for SMS messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Tweetbot. It was designed to help such apps run faster on iPhones.

Among other things, Couria lets you reply to messages while the device is locked and gives you the ability to reply to select messages faster. For example, you can instantly reply to those individuals that you might really want to chat with, such as your mother, your boss, or spouse, and ignore people like salesmen.

Couria also offers an added layer of security in the form of a passcode for iOS. That can help you reply faster without sacrificing security.

Where to Find Couria

Couria can be a bit hard to find, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Currently, it is only available through Cydia, which is a sort of forum for Tweak developers. You can find the version for iOS 8 here .

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Websites like can keep you apprised of new versions of Couria and show you where to find it for older iPhones. These sites can also provide instructions and even YouTube videos that can help you install Couria.

It is best to get the version from Cydia because that appears to be the only place where developer Bang Lee appears to have made it available. Unfortunately, you cannot find it at the App Store yet. Actually, it is doubtful Apple would ever allow something like Couria to be made available through the App Store.

How to Install Couria and WhatsApp for Couria

Installing Couria and WhatsApp for Couria is easier than you might think. First you will need to go to Cydia and download the version for your phone. We would also recommend that you read some of the articles about it on and watch the videos there to increase your knowledge before you start.

Couria Preferences

The first and most important step in installing Couria is to simply download it. You will need to set it up through the Activator. Follow the instructions carefully, or you will not be able to get it going.

Another fast way to load Courier is to go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add in your phone’s control panel and add this HTML: . This will add Curia directly to your phone’s operating system.

Once it is completely set up, you should be able to see some other solutions, including a WhatsApp Extension and Tweetbot, a similar extension for Twitter. The WhatsApp Extension will allow you to access WhatsApp through Couria.

As you can see above, you will have to enable Couria and decide whether you want to require authentication. Authentication required is the security feature that makes it harder for others to access your messages if they get your phone.

Why You Might Need Couria for WhatsApp

The major reason why a lot of knowledgeable iPhone users are adding Couria is that it is far easier to use than some of the older and more established jailbreak apps out there. The bloggers indicate that it can be installed faster and provide a quicker message response and notification.

That being said, Couria is not for everybody. If you do not send that many messages, you probably will not need it. Those that do not send complex messages such as videos and audios might not need it either.

Resized Couria passcode

On the other hand, people that travel a lot may need Couria because it allows a seamless connection to WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging solution, it can be used almost anywhere. Many people use WhatsApp because it is a cheaper alternative to the messaging solutions offered by phone companies.

You might also need Couria if you are having a hard time getting WhatsApp to work on your iPhone. Unfortunately, WhatsApp was designed primarily for Android phones. That means it is very easy to install on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy.

If you really want to add WhatsApp to your iPhone, you should definitely look into Couria. It is one of the best jailbreaking tweaks that we have seen yet, largely because it actually works and it is fairly easy to use.

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