Whatsapp vs Hike: What are the Differences?

Whatsapp vs HikeWhatsApp is often compared to different pieces of messenger software, but comparing it to Hike has caused reviewers some difficulties because of how similar the two apps really are.

WhatsApp and Hike are both geared toward the same type of user, and both offer competitive options that many people use. This means that personal preference might have a lot to do with what choice individual users ultimately make.

Top Five Differences Between the Two
1) WhatsApp is free for the first year, and charges a small annual fee after that. Many commentators have focused on this fact. Hike has a program that users can enroll in to earn money by using the app. The company is currently paying people for making referrals and getting others to sign up. Hike is otherwise completely free. Both of these programs tip the scales in Hike’s favor. WhatsApp doesn’t charge users much, but Hike actually offers them a slight opportunity to make money.

2) Privacy is a major issue for many users, and Hike recently added the option to use 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure private conversations stay that way. Every member of WhatsApp can easily get in touch with every other member, but for some this can be a problem. Hike offers an option to hide user names that’s similar to options provided by traditional messaging platforms like AIM and MSN.

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3) File size is a major issue for people with a huge number of apps installed on their phones. Those who have a large amount of files on their phones tend to like Hike since it has a much smaller installed footprint. Some WhatsApp users have a tendency to move the program over to an SD card, but this can increase load times.

4) Hike has increased support for customized themes, but WhatsApp users will argue that this is an unnecessary luxury. The fact that Hike is able to support these with such a small file size is a strong indication of how tight it’s code is.

5) Hike allows users to transfer files that are up to 100 MB in size. It supports the PPT, DOC, DOCX and PDF formats. WhatsApp currently only allows users to transfer files up to 16 MB in size, which severely limits how well it can be used in the workplace. Hike also has some additional SMS messaging options located right alongside the file transfer ones that can make it attractive to business users.

The Bottom Line
Hike beats WhatsApp in features as well as file size, but there’s one area that WhatsApp wins out in. It’s among the most popular apps and it supports a number of different cellular devices. Some people might find that none of their friends use Hike, which continues to limit the popularity of this otherwise ideal messaging app. Those who are interested in giving Hike a try might want to keep WhatsApp installed. There’s no reason that users shouldn’t install Hike alongside WhatsApp, and Hike is so small it can fit on most phones with no problem

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