Whatsapp for OLD Phones

If you’re reading this, then you are already aware about WhatsApp and its feature – but you may not be sure where to get it, or how to download it. The WhatsApp application is available both for Android users and iPhone users, so no matter what platform you’ve got (be it a smart phone, tablet or iPhone), it’ll be available in the Apple store and the Google store.
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With that being said, there are no hidden tricks or schemes to download the app and immediately get it up and running on your phone or other device. As soon as you download the application onto your device, you’ll be able to send videos, images and voice notes, group chat, talk internationally, get offline messages, not have to deal with usernames and pin codes, stay logged in and have all your information from your phone (such as your address book) immediately transfer over if you give the app permission to have access to such. Whatsapp for old phonesIf you’re a returning user that has recently switched devices – have no fear! All your content doesn’t automatically have to be lost or given up. But if you have the choice, make sure that your device gets backed up or synched to your computer before you make the switch. If you don’t do this, which means that possibly all your contacts, videos, pictures, and chat logs will be erased permanently from your history.

If you’re an Apple iPhone (iPad/iPod) user that is upgrading your device or simply making a switch, you can back up and restore your device by using the iCloud, which is software that hosts backups and makes sure all the information gets saved. You could also turn to iTunes by syncing your device while it’s plugged in, transferring all your information. This also works for restores.

If you’re an Android user, all you have to do to get your chats back is log into the WhatsApp, click the menu button, scroll to settings, click chat settings and then click backup conversations. All you have to do next is transfer your External micro SD card into your new phone (this will only work if you have the folder located on your external microSD card). Next, download the app onto your new device and click restore. Keep in mind that you must have the same number that you had previously for this version to work.

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