Whatsapp vs Skype, Who will Win?

Whatsapp vs SkypeWhatsapp is taking on the messaging app market by storm. This app is position to become one of the biggest communication tools across the Internet.

The currently provide a robust instant messaging capabilities along with photo sharing and short audio messaging. They will soon be adding regular voice communications as well. Once they accomplish this, will all other sharing apps be obsolete?

As far as accessibility, Whatsapp is officially only available on a mobile phone. There are some functionality on your PC if you are using Chrome. Skype, however, works great on both phones as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. Score one for Skype. Until now, Vonage has been one of Skype’s biggest competitors.

For voice communications, Skype wins out as it provides telephone quality VOIP calls. At the moment Whatsapp currently only provides short audio service. In the near future, Whatsapp plans to provide a much more robust voice communication platform, thus becoming a serious threat to both Skype and Google Voice. The fact that Whatsapp has one of the largest and fastest growing users-base will make them a powerhouse in instant and voice communications.

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While Whatsapp does not publisize the cost of app to landline calls, they would most likely be rather cost effective. It is speculated that once they provide a voice service that app to app calls will be free. Shype already provides free app to app calls across all platforms. This gives Skype an advantage over Whatsapp.

With decent network speeds, voice calls over the Internet often times exceed that of regular cellular calls. If your device that is running Whatsapp is connected via Wireless Intnet you can expect decent call quality. Skype has cornered the market in VOIP connections. They have perfected their software and servers to take advantage of the available bandwidth.

Whatsapp, still a relative new comer in the instant messaging arena, is looking forward to becoming one of the biggest messaging apps on the market. They are quickly gaining market share with a strong user-base. Whatsapp is taking on the giants in this genre such as Facebook, Google Chat and Twitter. In fact, Whatsapp is such a threat to Facebook that Mark Zuckerburg bought them out for $19 billion. When combined with Facebook, Whatsapp will have no problem taking on Skype.

Whatsapp has over 465 million users, and this number continues to climb day by day. When Whatsapp does implement VOIP, they could become a VOIP communication carrier who will attract customers away from traditional phone services. When Facebook bought out this messaging service, they may have struck pure Internet gold. This may be the needed kick to boost Facebook’s shares making them a very profitable company. Once voice service is available, Whatsapp will come out on top as the ultimate app for voice, text and photo-sharing communications.

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