Whatsapp VS WeChat: A Full Review of These Top Two Instant Messaging Programs

Whatsapp VS WeChatUsers might be torn between WeChat and Whatsapp simply because they’re two of the most popular instant messaging programs available today.

The two pieces of software differ in five key areas. Answering the question of which one is better will depend on what people intend to do with them. People who are into social networking and using their mobile devices for fun will appreciate the variety of functions that come with WeChat. Individuals who want to use their devices for work or who just need to stay in touch might want to opt for the more simplistic Whatsapp software.

The Top Five Differences between WeChat and Whatsapp

1) Group messaging is an area where WeChat comes out as a clear winner. Whatsapp users are restricted to 30 members per each of their group chats, and the app won’t allow them to go beyond this limitation. WeChat users can add up to 40 different members in each group chat. WeChat also supports several types of social network integration. Users can link WeChat to their Facebook profile, which helps when it comes time to keep in touch with a large number of different people.

2) Media sharing is relatively limited in the Whatsapp software. WeChat supports a full video call function, and it honestly functions a lot like the same feature offered by Skype. It also includes a feature called Moments that allows people to post images directly onto a wall that can function very similarly to Facebook and allows users to look through images posted by other individuals.

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3) The way that users find people in both apps is one of the primary differences between the two pieces of software. Individuals who use Whatsapp will have to know the handle that they’re entering, while WeChat let’s people search for users more readily. Some people consider this a useful feature, but other users might consider Whatsapp’s system more private.

4) Whatsapp is often praised for having no gimmicks. WeChat allows users to take images and convert them into emoticons. It also has a number of other gimmicks like Drift Bottle, which provides users with the option to send messages to random individuals.

Some commentators have praised these as additional features, but computer experts have suggested that these features are unnecessary and bloated. Users might find these features nice, but others might consider them to be worthless gimmicks. In general those who are using their mobile devices to have a good time will appreciate them.

5) The fact that WeChat has a web application is the nicest aspect of the app. Individuals who want to access WeChat from a laptop or PC will be able to just by logging into the service via their browser, and a log of their conversations will be made on the phone. Records can be deleted simply by clearing the browser’s cache. Whatsapp doesn’t provide this kind of functionality.

This is a rare instance of a situation where WeChat provides something extra to business users. People with desktop computers at work will certainly appreciate the ability to stay in touch with their contacts regardless of whether or not their phone is on.

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