Whatsapp for APPLE – Quick and Easy Solutions

Whatsapp for AppleWhat version of Whatsapp do you need to for your Apple: smartphone, tablet or desktop ?

In this page I’ll give you a quick and simple guide to download & install Whatsapp for your Apple device:


How to (quickly) install Whatsapp on your Apple / Mac desktop
To install Whatsapp on a MAC you need Bluestacks. That’s it. Bluestacks is a software that “virtualizes” Android, allowing, therefore, to install and use Whatsapp as if you owned an Android smartphone (but actually running it into your Mac).

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First step, download Bluestacks for Mac from this link. Then, open the DMG file you just downloaded and drag the icon into the Applications folder. Wait until the program completes the configuration (it takes about 2-3 minutes). When the Configuration is complete, in the upper right part of the windows click on the search button that will allow you to search for applications that can be installed on Bluestacks. Type “Whatsapp” and click “Find”.  A list of related applications. Find Whatsapp and click Install.

If you see the following error message: no apps found then check network connectivity and do not despair. Bluestacks is still in beta, and it is normal sometimes to see similar errors.

Now, to download Whatsapp follow these steps: From the main screen go the App Store, search for “WhatsApp” and choose “Download”. You will then be asked to create a Gmail account, or if you already have one, insert an existing one. Accept the terms of use, select “Accept & download” and wait for the installation to finish.

Now that you have installed WhatsApp, you have to configure it with the mobile phone number. Return to the main screen by selecting the icon of Bluestacks at the center of the bottom bar. On the main screen select “My Apps” and then, select Whatsapp to start the application. Accept all the conditions, enter your phone number and complete the “verification process”. This is it. Now, every time you need to start Bluestacks on your Macbook Air or Pro just go straight to “My Apps > Whatsapp” from the BlueStacks menu !

Another simpler (and easier option) to use Whatsapp on a MAC is to install the Chrome Browser for Mac (click here) and then connecting to the Whatsapp Web online service (click here) which allows you to manage Whatsapp directly from your browser. Done !


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