Whatsapp for computer MAC desktop

Whatsapp for computer Mac desktopWhatsApp is usable on many different operating systems and platforms, including the popular Mac Desktop.
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Yes, the notorious Chat app, owned by Facebook, can now be used on your Apple computer easily, just as with the popular iMessage for Mac. How to do that? Just install Chrome browser for Mac, open it and then go to web.whatsapp.com .

Here you will be able to connect and activate your Whatsapp account. Indeed, once the system has performed the “pairing/coupling” between your phone number and your browser, the “full experience” of WhatsApp is ready to go on your Mac desktop !

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The smartphone will still be at the heart of your system, since the archive of conversations will remains there. However, thanks to the recent release of Whatsapp Web for Chrome, you can (finally) communicate through any computer safely (not only Mac but also any Windows Pc!) with all of your contacts. The only requirement is to download and install Chrome browser as explained before.

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Installing WhatsApp on MAC through Bluestacks
Another option to install and use WhatsApp on a Mac desktop OS is to install a piece of software called Bluestacks. Here you can find the full procedure. However, to download the specific MAC Os Bluestacks version you must go first to this page. Once downloaded, run it and it will take you through the install process.

Once Bluestacks has installed, perform a search for “WhatsApp” (click on the “search” icon and digit “Whatsapp”). That should turn up the WhatsApp messenger app: simply click on and install it. Once WhatsApp has been installed, you’ll need to verify your phone number by entering it where required. Than you can import your contacts list and finally initiate any conversations by either chatting, calling, or emailing. Rembember: you can also connect your WhatsApp with your Facebook if you want to update your status and share contacts or media (video/photos) with your friends. Enjoy !

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