Whatsapp for CHROMEBOOK

Whatsapp for chromebookMaximize the Power of WhatsApp on Chromebook

WhatsApp is an efficient and popular cloud-based messenger service that allows users to exchange messages, video, audio, and pictures for free. The revolutionary laptop system, Chromebook, allows users to install and use WhatsApp seamlessly – giving Chromebook users the ability to access this cutting-edge mobile technology. Chromebook users who have WhatsApp installed are able to use the messaging service to chat in one-on-one and group sessions. Some WhatsApp users may find themselves in groups that include strangers and may not want unknown group members to view their messages.Fortunately, WhatsApp gives users the ability to block messages from unknown group members in addition to blocking them from seeing profile pictures and status information.There may be times when Chromebook/WhatsApp users may desire to send a public message without displaying all of the names in the recipients list. Just like mobile users Chromebook end-users can send messages utilizing BCC (blind carbon copy) functions – essentially masking the recipients list and making each message appear individualized.Chromebook users can utilize many functions granted to mobile WhatsApp users including the ability to disable default time stamp data which tells other WhatsApp members the last time a user was online.People who use WhatsApp on Chromebook also have the ability to manually and automatically schedule backups of WhatsApp chat sessions and media files. Users can restore archived files only after uninstalling and re-installing the app followed by uploading the archived file. In the modern era most people are tech savvy, so security for WhatsApp users should always be on the forefront to ensure user privacy is not violated.

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Fortunately, WhatsApp provides security options that Chromebook users can utilize which include locking WhatsApp on an open Chromebook laptop, and only making it accessible by entering a password or pin number. Not all Chromebook/WhatsApp users are equal. Some use WhatsApp periodically with only a handful of contacts while others use it frequently with dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of contacts/friends. To speed up communication, WhatsApp users can create shortcuts to their favorite contacts, or to their favorite groups, so they can quickly send targeted messages from their desktop without manually opening WhatsApp.

Sometimes people are faced with the need to change their phone number. Fortunately, WhatsApp users are not required to uninstall and re-install the messaging service to use a new number. Users can access a setting in the app to migrate an existing WhatsApp account with a new number which allows them to keep their account information, media files, and chat history intact.

Many messaging systems have similar features like displaying the time and date stamp of a delivered message. However, unlike WhatsApp, they don’t typically display the exact time a message was opened. This inherent feature of WhatsApp also works seamlessly with WhatsApp groups by displaying the time-and-date stamp of messages opened by individual group members. WhatsApp on a Chromebook platform is a powerful tool that enables Chromebook users to have the same messaging capabilities as mobile phone users.

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