Whatsapp for HUAWEI

WhatsApp for Huawei Ascend Y300 and Y200
The WhatsApp Messenger application is compatible with almost all modern mobile operating systems, including android. To install WhatsApp on an Android operating system such as that on Huawei Ascend Y200 and Huawei Ascend Y300, you will need a mobile device running on Android version 2.1 or higher.
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To check your smartphone’s current version, simply go to the “settings” menu and tap on the title ”About device”.

Whatsapp for HuaweiHow to install WhatsApp Messenger

Installing WhatsApp on Huawei Ascend Y200 and Huawei Ascend Y300 requires similar steps as in most android smartphones. This section highlights four possible ways to install the official WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone. These ways are through Google play, through WhatsApp’s official website, through an SD card, and via WhatsApp APK.

Through Google Play

• To download WhatsApp Messenger through Google play, you first need to connect your Huawei Ascend Y200 or Y300 to a mobile internet source.
• Open the play store by tapping on the icon and proceed to sign into your existing Google account. You can create a new one if you do not have one.
• After logging in, simply search for WhatsApp on the search bar.
• Tap on the install button and wait as the app downloads and installs automatically.
• That’s it!

Through WhatsApp`s Official Webpage

• To download WhatsApp messenger through the official webpage, connect your Huawei Y200 or Huawei Y300 to a mobile internet source.
• To access WhatsApp’s official webpage, click on this link
• Tap on the download icon provided on the website.
• When the download is complete, simply open the downloaded file, and tap on the install option.

Download WhatsApp Through an SD card

Both the Huawei ascend Y200 and the Huawei ascend Y300 have an SD card slot.

• To install WhatsApp messenger, simply insert your device’s SD card to a card reader.
• Insert the card reader to a computer connected to the internet.

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• From the computer, open this link
• Tap on the “Download Now” option.
• After the download is complete, transfer the file to the SD card.
• Unplug the card reader and insert the SD card back into your phone.
• To install, open the downloaded WhatsApp file on the SD card folder.

WhatsApp via APK huawei

Download WhatsApp via APK

• To download WhatsApp via APK, first connect your Huawei Y200 or Huawei Y300 to a mobile internet source.
• Use this link  to access the APK file.
• Click on “Download APK file”.
• Once download is complete, open the APK file and tap on the “install” button.

To complete the install process, you must configure the WhatsApp application on your Android phone. To do this, you must agree the terms and conditions. Proceed to provide your mobile number, which the app will use for verification. You will then receive a verification code through SMS. Type this code into the provided field in order to get started.

Problem Installing WhatsApp ?
In the event that you are unable to download WhatsApp, check if your phone is running on Android version 2.1 and above. If your phone is running on an older Android version, you may need to either replace the handset or root/upgrade the device.

It is important to note that there is little advantage to rooting your mobile device. Only do this when you are looking to improve your phone’s performance by uninstalling stock applications that cannot uninstall otherwise, or unless you are looking to use applications that need root to customize your phone. In the event you do not follow rooting instructions to the letter, you may cause your mobile device to malfunction.

In the event you cannot connect to WhatsApp for registration, use the following tips:

• Ensure that you install only the latest version of the application. Google Playstore is the best way to ensure your app remains up-to-date using constant updates.
• Check your 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection. To do this, go to “Settings >Wireless and Network.”
• Ensure that no third party applications that may affect WhatsApp are running in the background.
• Empty the WhatsApp app cache. To do this, go to “Settings”, then click on “Applications > Manage applications>WhatsApp> clear cache.”
• Finally, if all else fails, uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Although the WhatsApp application is available free of charge, mobile data charges apply when downloading the application. This is dependent on your mobile data provider. Therefore, it is convenient to have an unlimited mobile data plan.

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