Whatsapp for LUMIA

Whatsapp for lumia Installing WhatsApp on the Lumia smartphone is a pretty straightforward process. Follow these steps and the device should be up and running in no time.

The first thing that needs to be done is to download WhatsApp onto the device Find it in the app store and tap on the icon to download it.

When the download is complete, go to the home screen of your phone and tap the WhatsApp application. Be sure to accept the terms of use agreement in order to proceed to the next step. A prompt will appear asking for the country code and requesting your phone number. Once the code is received, enter it at the prompt. The phone will be verified and the WhatsApp installation process is now complete.

There are a few tricks that can be used to get the most out of using the Lumia device with the app. The WhatsApp application can be used on a wifi connection which should help extend the battery life on the phone. Doing this will help save the user money because there are no data charges to worry about in this case. And, the app allows for sending messages at no cost over wifi.

Also, since the phone number entered when installing WhatsApp is your username, this is the number that will be displayed when messaging. In order to avoid having the number viewed or called by strangers, the verification code may be used instead. Here’s how.

1) First, download the Spoof app onto the device.
2) Remove WhatsApp from the phone by uninstalling it.
3) Now, engage the flight mode on the phone
4) Re-install WhatsApp by downloading it once again.
5) Follow the prompts until it asks for the verification code.

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6) At this point, input the email address as alternate and choose verify through SMS
7) Go to the inbox on the Spoof app
8) Copy and send contents of the message to +447900347295
9) Finally, a message will be received from the server. You can now connect

Another trick that can be used is that WhatsApp can be used to hack a friend’s conversation. Go to where the MicroSD is on the device. Then, find WhatsApp and click on that. A database choice will appear. There are two files needed to do this. They are:
Once these files are obtained, the data from your friends phone is also required. Once the files are retrieved then the friends conversation via messaging can be tracked.

If messages or data have been accidentally (or purposely) deleted and recover of those deleted messages is desired. Simply uninstall the Whatsapp application and re-install it. For videos or Images, go to sdcard/whatsapp/media and folders for video, audio, and images will be found there. Choose the file needed.

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