Whatsapp for Windows VISTA


Whatsapp is becoming one of the most used messaging apps either by pc or phone. It’s so easy to use too. Let’s say that you have decided to join the 700 million people who are already using the app. You want to make messaging less difficult. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do This includes both guides of pc or by phone. Either way you look at it, you’ll be covered.


First off all, you need to get this, if you haven’t already done so. Just go into the YouWave windows application site and download it . Once you have finished, double click the mouse. The file should open up to an installation file key. Click on this one. You should see the Whatsapp APK file. Once you do, click on the download button. Once this is all done the whatsapp app should be on your pc.

If you want to check, open up the YouWave files. Scroll down until you see the whatsapp app and click on it. It should open up for you. Accept the terms and conditions, as you normally would. It’s going to ask you for your number. They ask for your phone number just for verification purposes. If you see a “fail” message, this is normal. Click on the icon that says “call me.” Your phone will ring and tell you a verification code. You need to write this down. Type in the code you just wrote down and you are done. You can now use whatsapp on your pc.

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It’s relatively the same steps. Click on the installation icon for YouWave and begin the download. Once complete, focus on downloading the app and messenger icons. Once you are done you can start adding contacts. Go into your menu and click on “add new contact.” Enter in the name and number and you are set. Initially, it did work on the BlueStacks site, but not anymore. Want the same results, you’ll need to use YouWave now.



Now you can use this site too, for downloading onto your pc and phone. First thing you’ll need to do is create an account. Create a username and password. Sorry guys. You will have to do this if you want to use the wassapp site to install whatsapp. You’ll also need to provide your phone number and password for this registration.

Are you using an Android phone? Not a big deal. Se the IMEi number. This is found on the back, near the battery. You can also type in “*#06#” Verify how you want to be notified. You can do this by phone number or by SMS. If you prefer a number, you will get a computer-generated code. If you want SMS, you will get it through wassapp personally. Use the code for the client file. Once you do this you will get a password. After that it’s smooth sailing. You can now use whatsapp.

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