Whatsapp for ZTE Smartphones

whatsapp-zteWhatsapp is a messaging service used nearly in every Smartphone. More than 500 million users worldwide are using Whatsapp for messaging and, if you are a ZTE smartphone owner, here I have some basic information for you, especially if you are the owner of the Zte Blade, Switch x1, Zte v795 or v795l models, which have been recognized as the most difficult models to install Whatsapp on.
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After the rapid growth of Whatsapp there is very less and less people who use conventional messaging techniques for sending SMS. Whatsapp for ZTE works exactly as the standard Whatsapp softer to send messages  between mobile phones.

How Does Whatsapp Works for ZTE
If you are using a ZTE mobile then with the help of Whatsapp you can send text messages, multimedia messages such as audio, video, pictures; voice messages etc. Another benefit you can get from Whatsapp is you can chat with multiple people at a time by creating group chat. You can make group with a number of people in Whatsapp and sending a single message in group chat can be seen by all the people on the group at once. You don’t have to send the message again and again to all individuals.

Whatsapp for ZTE is just like the Whatsapp in other mobile; there is nothing less and nothing more on Whatsapp. No matter what model or what phone you use, Whatsap will provide the same configuration and facilities to all its users. After downloading the app on your ZTE you can easily contact with the registered people of Whatsapp of your contacts.

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Whatsapp creates messaging very easy by fetching all the contacts of your mobile that are registered on Whatsapp automatically. You do not have search manually for the registered contacts. Every new member of your contacts join Whatsapp will be added to your list. You can also invite a person on Whatsapp through your ZTE mobile.

How to Download Whatsapp on ZTE models
To download Whatsapp on your ZTE phone you have to follow the following steps given below:

  • Connect your ZTE mobile with internet or turn on your packet data.
  • Go to Google or you can also go to Google PlayStore.
  • Type on the search bar “Whatsapp”; you will get the option Whatsapp Messenger which you have to download.
  • You will get an option “Install”; click on it.
  • After clicking on the Install option you will get some terms and conditions which you have to accept by clicking “Accept”.
  • After that the installation process on your ZTE mobile will get started; with a good internet connection you can download or install the app within minutes because it is not a big file to download.
  • After the successful installation process you have to run the file where you will ask to give a phone number. The number will be verified by Whatsapp and for the verification they will send you an authentication code through message.
  • Input the authentication code on Whatsapp. If the verification matches with your given number Whatsapp will be ready to work on your phone.
  • After downloading the app you can use it anytime you want with internet connection. You can set a profile picture on the app just like facebook profile picture. The profile picture will be seen by everyone on your contact list. Whatsapp also allows you to set status message on your profile.

If you own an older model, like the Zte v795, Zte v795l or the Zte switch x1 and you have any trouble following the above steps, then try to manually download the free Apk file as explained here.

The Features of Whatsapp for ZTE
With Whatsapp you do not even have to log in/out like facebook. You can use the app just like any other app of your mobile. It also has hundreds of different smiley and emotions and images that you can send to your friends from your ZTE phone to express different situations.

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