Whatsapp for YOUWAVE

Whatsapp for YouWaveWith the WhatsApp’s popularity on the rise, word of mouth quickly spreads and it wouldn’t be uncommon that you’ve heard the name of the app at least once in the last few months.

People have been turning to it as a major sign of help for communicating with friends and family, and it’s most importantly free to all its users. No gimmicks and no sneaky charges that will come once you give the users your credit card information upon signing up. So this proposes the question, is it available on my platform, and if so, where do I get it for my every day use?

WhatsApp is most popular on models that fall under the Android and iPhone user category, but is also virtually available on pretty much any platform you can think of, even PC or MAC. Indeed if , for any reason, the official version of Whatsapp doesn’t work on your phone, smart phones or tablets, you still have an option: using Whatsapp on your computer by installing Bluestacks or, a much better program called “YouWave”.

What isWave? It’s an Android “emulator” for PC. The advantage of this software, compared to the famous Bluestacks, is that it requires only 1 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB. The only downside is that it’s not free (it costs $19.99). So before purchasing, to see if YouWave is for you, I suggest to download first the trial version (which lasts 10 days). Then, after fully testing it, you can easily decide whether to buy it or to move to free Bluestacks alternative.

How to install Whatsapp on YouWave
First of all, download YouWave from this link. After installing YouWave on your Pc, you will need to install WhatsApp by manually dowloading and installing the apk file. However I suggest not download the Apk since, it’s much easier to install Whatsapp directly through the emulator. How? Simply run YouWave and then start load the Android browser (not your Pc browser!) and go straight to the Google Store. That’s a much quicker, easier and safer alternative then manually installing the Apk file.

Once installation is complete, start the application as you would normally do on your Android device. Check the phone number in use, so that WhatsApp functions smoothly. From this point you can use WhatsApp on Windows PCs with YouWave just like you do on your smartphone. Please also remember that Whatsapp can not work in two devices simultaneously (PC and mobile phone). If you use Whatsapp through YouWave, then cell phone must be turned off or Whatsapp uninstalled. As of my personal experience I must say that the emulation layer offered by Youwave is excellent. It’s very robust, stable and, more than that, YouWave offers the following benefits:

Supports 99% of all Android Apps

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• Runs on any brand of desktop computer, such as Windows XP/Vista/etc.
• Has SD card functionality
• Enables a fast restart (faster than Bluestacks)
• Allows you a multi-player feature for online games
• Has volume control buttons
• A retractable panel for all controls
• Allows your phone to rotate and fit the screen as you would use a traditional iPhone/Smartphone.

So, give it a try! A simple download of the trial version and your Whatsapp experience will be transported from the small to the big screen by using all the benefits of the speed and reliability of a Pc, plus the luxury of a full size Keyboard to chat & type 2x faster 🙂

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