Whatsapp for Blackberry Bold 9790

Downloading and Installing Whatsapp Messenger on BlackBerry Bold 9790

BlackBerry Bold 9790 mobile phone is a Smartphone that was released on November 2011. It is built with refined touches and uses a combination of a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard. The phone uses BlackBerry 7 OS.

BlackBerry Bold 9790It provides a fluid high resolution touch screen of 2.45 inch which has a resolution capacity of 480 pixels by 3600 pixels at a PPI of 245 pixels per inch. The Smartphone has a 1GHz Marvel Tavor MG1 processor and also has a RAM capacity of 768MB and 8GB internal memory storage. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is a single SIM Smartphone that measures 110.00×60.00×11.40 in height, width and thickness respectively and weighs 107.00 grams.

Whatsapp Messenger is a messaging application for android and other Smartphone devices which allows one to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. This application utilizes existing internet data plan for the messaging and is free for the first year after installation and after that first year it charges $0.99 per year. Whatsapp messenger has built an application favorable for BlackBerry users that solves the problems that were initially experienced when installing the Whatsapp Messenger application.

The following is a step to step guide on how to download and install Whatsapp on BlackBerry Bold 9790.

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Step1. Go to the Menu. Under Menu there are various options such as messages, contacts, Browser, BlackBerry App World among others. Select BlackBerry App World.

Step2. Under BlackBerry App World, there are various options such as BlackBerry App World, Search App World, Through Featured Apps, Games, Apps, My World and Payment Options. Select Apps from these different options.

Step3. In this stage under the Apps section, there are various applications available such as Facebook, Line, and BlackBerry Messenger among many more. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 user will chose the Apps category of Whatsapp Messenger.

Step4. At this category the name of the application is stated, the developer and the download option. The user will then select the download option for Whatsapp Messenger by Whatsapp Inc. and the phone will automatically begin the download as long as the user has internet data. The internet data required will vary depending on the version of the Whatsapp application.

Step5. This is the final step where the Smartphone user will install the application into the device and it will be ready for using.
The BlackBerry users can also download the application by using their Browsers by searching for the available Whatsapp downloads.

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