Whatsapp for Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Installing the Whatsapp on the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

The Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is a very neat and sleek device offering and supporting the Blackberry OS 7.0. It has 8GB of internal storage and is expandable with a internal micro SD card that is capable of supporting 32GB of extra memory.

Blackberry Bold Touch 9900It has 768 MB of RAM allowing for rapid execution of all photos, directories, applications, videos, or other media. The device screen is 640 pixels x 480 pixels which yields a density of 286 pixels per inch. Also includes an LED camera Flash and video functionality. Also has useful functions supporting wav, mp3, microusb 2.0, tft screen, QWERTY keyboard and more.

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Downloading and installing the Whatsapp application on the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is a very simple process. A couple of key things required before installing at checking the available device memory to ensure it has at least 7MB of available space to install the Application on to. You will need an active internet connection either WIFI or 4G enabled to download the data.

After verifying that you have these two elements satisfied the next step is to go on to the App World of Blackberry and to search for the Whatsapp program. After going to the Blackberry App World you will need to next log into your personal account to gain access to the applications in App World. When you have located the Whatsapp program in the Blackberry App World select the download option next to it and wait for the application to download to your device.

The Application is free for the first year you use it and then costs a small fee after that or to upgrade with additional features. When the Application is finished downloading it will subsequently and automatically install in the background very quickly and be ready for immediate use. More information can be found about the Whatsapp program and how to use it here at this site..

Downloading and installing the Whatsapp program on the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is as simply as that from stated above. Simply put verify your phone has available space, locate the program in the App World of Blackberry and select to download and it will self install from that download and you are done. Happy messaging and connecting with friends and family and maybe evening meeting a new friend.