Whatsapp for Blackberry Curve 8520

Installing Whatsapp on your Blackberry 8520

The Blackberry Curve 8520 is a sleek mobile phone that is perfect for accessing internet on the go. The device runs on the Blackberry 5.0 operating system, weighs 106 g at 13.99 mm thickness.

It comes complete with 256MB of storage and a microSD card slot of 32gigabyte maximum for transferring data from external sources. The screen is 2.46″ wide, displaying screen images at 320 x 240 pixels.

The camera on this Blackberry model captures images at 2 megapixels or 240 pixels to be precise. Its Lithium Ion battery holds an extended charge at 1150 mAh. Since its release date in 2009, the Blackberry Curve 8520 has seen remarkable popularity in the cell phone market.
Blackberry 8520

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The Blackberry Curve 8520 is compatible with the well-known chatting application whatsapp. Whatsapp requires 4.6 megabyte or more operating system and the 8520 model of the Blackberry fulfills this requirement with a whopping 5.0 operating system.

To install the application, first click the “Home” button and select “App World.” In the search bar, you must enter “whatsapp” and once you have found the application, proceed to click on it in order to start downloading. You may also access whatsapp by going to your phone’s internet browser and typing this specific url  into the search bar, selecting the Blackberry logo and then selecting “Download.”

Post-installation, the whatsapp app requires that you follow their outlined steps in order to activate the application. When you are sent a verification code, you must enter it once prompted to do so in the whatsapp application. Next, the application will guide you through the registration process. At this point the application is fully installed and you can begin using whatsapp to chat with anyone you please.

It should be noted that some consumers have encountered issues with using whatsapp on this particular 8520 model of the Blackberry phone. As a wise consumer, it is suggested that you perform what is known as “battery pull” to prevent your Blackberry 8520 having any issues with the whatsapp application.

The procedure involves turning off the phone, removing the battery, removing the SIM card and pulling out the microSD. After having done this it will be necessary to wait a good five minutes, then to reinsert the battery, SIM card and microSD into the phone. At this point, the phone can be restarted and will likely support the whatsapp application in full functionality.

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