WhatsApp in Spain – Facts and figures

WhatsApp seems to be almost as popular as soccer in Spain; the use of the application in the nation has risen to incredible levels. More interestingly, Spaniards appear to be among the world’s biggest consumers of messenger solutions of all kinds.

The leading solution is WhatsApp, which is now present on 98% of the smartphones sold in the kingdom, El Pais reported . Around 51.5% of Spanish smartphone users send messages via WhatsApp each day.


Statista found that around 70% of the Internet users in Spain also utilize WhatsApp. Interestingly enough, Spaniards are Europe’s largest users of WhatsApp, and their use of the app exceeds that of many developing countries.

WhatsApp in Europe – Facts and figures

One of the most fascinating things about WhatsApp is its popularity in Europe. Even though the solution is often hailed as a cutting-edge messaging app for developing nations, it is almost as popular in some European countries.

The statistics prove that Europeans love WhatsApp and cannot get enough of it. Data provided by
proves that WhatsApp use is as widespread in some European countries as it is in the developing world. These numbers show just how popular WhatsApp is in the European Union:


  • 70% of Spain’s Internet users also chatted on WhatsApp.

Can You Really Use WhatsApp for Ecommerce?

It is not hard to see why large numbers of entrepreneurs would be skeptical of the idea of using WhatsApp for ecommerce . Many earlier social media solutions, including Twitter, have proven themselves to be of little use for commerce.


To make matters worse, some of these social media solutions have turned into black holes that suck in advertising money but deliver no results. WhatsApp, to its credit, is advertisement free and will probably remain that way. Yet many skeptics will point out that the solution appears to be designed for individual communication, not for business.

What Is a WhatsApp Broadcast List?

Even though Broadcast Lists could be one of WhatsApp’s most powerful tools, many people are unfamiliar with them. Others are confused by this tool and how it works.

Basically, a Broadcast List is a feature that allows a WhatsApp user to create a list of contacts and send messages to them. The messages look like a regular chat, but there are some key differences. These differences make Broadcast Lists ideal for marketing, merchandising, and other business functions.

Can WhatsApp Phone Calls Really Save You Money?

Is it cheaper to use WhatsApp for phone calls or to make your calls the old fashioned way? The best answer to this question is it depends upon how you use WhatsApp.

Yes, WhatsApp voice calls are theoretically free, but there is a catch that some people forget about. WhatsApp can use up a lot of data, which you have to pay for unless you connect directly to the web. If you have to use your data plan to access the web, you will pay for it.


WhatsApp Billionaires

The most intriguing thing about WhatsApp could be the way in which it is creating billionaires. The humble messaging app has already turned two obscure engineers from Silicon Valley into billionaires, and it is greatly bolstering the fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The ability of Facebook and WhatsApp to make people rich is now so pronounced that a number of financial journalists are writing about what Forbes writer Jennifer Wang has labeled “The Facebook Effect.” In a recent article, Wang noted that eight of the richest American entrepreneurs under the age of 40 have close connections to Facebook.

How Much Is WhatsApp Worth?

Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the American blogosphere were shocked in February 2014 when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg spent $21 billion in stock and cash to buy an obscure messaging app company called WhatsApp.

Strangely enough, even many tech savvy Americans had never heard of WhatsApp even though it was an all-American company based in San Jose, California.


Yet those who understood WhatsApp’s capabilities, including Zuckerberg himself, were wondering if Facebook had underpaid. A year later many of the same business writers who had knocked the WhatsApp acquisition were praising Mr. Zuckerberg’s vision and foresight.