WhatsApp: some useful tricks to make more space on your device

WA how to save spaceWhatsApp, the famous Facebook-owned instant messaging app, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide (in India they are 200 million!) has reached another record, and it seems that nothing is going to stop its growing popularity. And it is easy to understand the reasons of its success.

First of all WhatsApp is completely free, then it allows you to chat with your contacts, make phone calls and share messages, music, pictures, videos and much more. And, as we said, all for free. However, there are some options that some users don’t appreciate very much, especially because they can take up much space of your storage data. WhatsApp in fact downloads automatically all the media files that you receive such as videos, pictures and GIFs. Today we are going to see how you can avoid saving them automatically on your device.

Whatsapp for recruiting

Using Whatsapp For Recruiting
Whatsapp is an incredible recruiting app that may be used by anyone at any time. It helps connect people in a way they have not been connected before, and it ensures that everyone who is in the recruiting process may be reached.

This article will help you understand how to use Whatspp to recruit for your projects, and you will learn how it may help you go through each part of the process without any trouble.

How to avoid WhatsApp scam

whatsapp scamIt seems that recently WhatsApp users have been affected by scams more than usual. Many users are in fact reporting that they are receiving a message that invite them to switch to WhatsApp Gold (the famous premium version of the instant messaging app). This version of WhatsApp was so far available only to celebrities, but the spammer has contacted WhatsApp users encouraging them to change version of the app, and promising that using WhatsApp Gold would allow them to make video calls, delete messages after they’ve sent them and send 100 pictures at once.

Quick Reply, Multiple Contacts and other Great WhatsApp Beta Features

The latest WhatsApp beta version contained a lot of features that users have been requesting for quite a while. Some of the goodies packed into it include; quick reply from notification, multiple contacts and solid wallpaper colors.

The 2.12.260 version was released to beta-testers via Google Play in late March. Press reports indicate that a number of shortcomings with the older version, that users found most annoying have been fixed. There is no indication if any of these features will ever be made available to iPhone users.

How to install WhatsApp on Samsung Budget Phones

samsung budget phonesIt’s unlikely that you don’t know what is WhatsApp, in fact it is more likely that you are one of its one billion users. Certainly a great part of the success of WhatsApp is due to the fact that this instant messaging app is compatible with the most popular platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Samsung and others more.

Today, thanks to WhatsApp, you can communicate with your friends, family and colleagues wherever you are whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection. And the fact that this service is completely free is just the cherry on top. Even if you are a Samsung user, you might not know that it supports WhasApp even on its budget phones. So, how do they work?

Whatsapp for Nexus 10


The Google Nexus 10 is actually a tablet while the Nexus 4 is a mobile phone, but both are co-developed using technologies created by Google and Samsung. In this article, we will take a look at the specs of the Nexus 10 to see if it is capable of running the Whatsapp mobile messaging application.
Nexus 10
System Specs

The Nexus 10 packs quite a powerful punch when it comes to processing capabilities. Here are some of the hardware features that make up its interior:

-Samsung Exynos 5260 chip system
-Dual-core 1.7 GHz Cortex A15 CPU
-Quad-core ARM Mali T604 graphics processing unit
-5-megapixel, rear-facing camera with LED flash