3 ways to use WhatsApp from abroad without spending a fortune

whatsapp da esteroAre you a WhatsApp a addicted? Don’t be ashamed, you are in good company (900 million active monthly users). But even if you are not an addicted user of the service, it’s undeniable that it is an extremely useful way of communicate with your family, colleagues or friends. But what happens if you are not in your country and you want to use it? Do you have to pay any additional (expensive) fees? Certainly not, if you follow those tricks.

Before leaving, check roaming charges of mobile operators
If you need to be always reachable or connected, before leaving it’s worth checking roaming fares offered by telephone operators. You’ll be nicely surprised to discover that they are many, and surely you’ll find one suited to your needs.

Free Wi-Fi

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This is undoubtedly the easiest and most obvious solution. In almost every country in the world, it is possible to find places with a Wi-Fi connection: restaurants, pubs, hotels, museums, libraries. A simple  way to find those places without wandering in an unknown country, is to rely on specialized search engines. They will help you to find the places with a WiFi connection nearest to you. For example, you may use HotSpot Haven, or JiWire. Thanks to these channels, you will have immediately available an updated list of the nearest places with an Internet connection.

You can always use a SIM card
The use of SIM cards to chat is having a lot of success, and it keeps on growing. Currently the most used is ChatSim (formerly WhatSim), and you can buy it from here: http://www.chatsim.com/en. How does it work? Simple. For a fixed price you get a card equal to the one of your smartphone. The card contains some credits that can be used to chat on WhatsApp. The SIM is rechargeable and works as soon as you put it in your telephone.

So, have you already packed your bags?