How to download new Emoticons for Whatsapp

aggiungere emoticonWhatsapp is an instant messaging service that has virtually replaced the use of the classic short text messages.
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During the first year of use the program  is free and then you will pay very little for a further year. It is extremely easy to use and the cost is almost 0, so Whatsapp is now the application most used not only by teenagers, but by almost everyone in the world.

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It requires an internet connection (Wi-Fi or your phone company) and has numerous emoticons, but if  you wish, you can add more. Don’t worry, it is not a complex operation, read on and you will understand that it is very easy. When we chat on WhatsApp with an Android smartphone or an iPhone, we easily associate the words with the emoticons that the app provides us, by selecting the icon in the bottom left and choosing the one that better expresses our mood. But not everyone knows that you can have a greater number of smiles to use interacting with your friends. All you have to do is read this guide on how to enter new WhatsApp emoticons with Android and iPhone. There are different solutions to get new emoticons: first of all you must connect to the store of your smartphone and type in the search keyword “emoticons” or “emoji”.  Once you have found the right app, you just have to download and install it.

How to add new emoticons on WhatsApp with Android. After installing the emoticons on your Android smartphone, an icon will be created on WhatsApp which allows you to send emoticons while chatting. Select the top icon (usually the symbol is a +), select a contact and choose the image to be sent to the person you’re chatting with. If you notice that the app has not created any icon on your WhatsApp, then you can solve the problem in this way: Click on the paper click icon that is usually at the top, among the options that you find select Gallery. Now that you are in the Gallery, click on the symbol with the three vertical dots. You will find the list of media assets, between them you will see the name of the application or applications downloaded for your new emoticons. At this point, click on the app and choose the emoticons that you like and that you want to send with your Android smartphone.

How to add new emoticons on WhatsApp with iPhone. With an iPhone, you’ll have to use a slightly different procedure. After downloading the app emoticons, go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards. From here, click on Add a new keyboard and, in the list that appears, select Emoji or Emotions, according to the app you have downloaded. In the list of keyboards, in addition to the language you have chosen, you will also see the Emoji or Emoticons. To choose emoticons from WhatsApp, you will need to select the icon with the smiley face, at the bottom of the keyboard. Clicking on it, you can choose the emoticon to send.
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