How to install whatsapp on your PC without Bluestacks

How to install whatsapp on your PC without BluestacksWhatsApp is one of those applications for mobile devices so successful that hardly you don’t use or you have never heard of: thanks to the substantial savings achieved texting via internet, this popular application is now a very important reality (now WhatsApp is more used than text messages), so significant that many have wondered whether it is possible to use it even from a PC. And the answer is positive: you can now easily do it.

The most common method to install WhatsApp on PC is via Bluestack, a kind of Android app emulator, but today let’s see how to use WhatsApp on your PC with an alternative software emulation.

Download or purchase YouWave. A good alternative to Bluestack is without a doubt the excellent emulation offered by YouWave. YouWave is a kind of reader of the Android app, and can emulate and run any Android application on your PC. Unlike Bluestack, this software only requires 1 GB of RAM instead of 2GB, but there is a drawback: the software is not for free (but not so expensive: less than 20€ anyway for the most complete version), but you can always download a trial version of the duration of 10 days to assess its functioning. The emulation offered is really of a high level, fast and very practical, so let’s see together how to install WhatsApp after you’ve downloaded or purchased YouWave.

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How to install Whatsapp via YouWave. Once you have obtained YouWave and it is installed and ready on our PC, we can move to install WhatsApp, for which you need the apk file: without seeking a way to download it from the Play Store, we can download the installer from here. But be careful, because we do not recommend to download the files from our PC browser because the easiest way to install it is, later, to start YouWave and download the file directly from the offered Android browser, so as to find ourselves the apk file already inside the emulation, ready to be installed.

The emulator, as we have noticed from the interface, provides a complete and functional Android system, with dedicated keys at the bottom for the most common operations; after downloading the apk file with Open Manager, or more generally with any file manager, we will have to open the file and choose to open it with the  installer package.

Once installed the app, let’s start it just as we would do on our Android mobile device and, as a first step, we better verify the phone number in use, a crucial step in order to get WhatsApp working perfectly with our number; at this point we will just have to enjoy WhatsApp directly on our PC, ready to be used and functioning exactly as on our smartphones.

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