How to be invisible on WhatsApp

How to be invisible on WhatsAppFrequently, you would like to use WhatsApp to contact a friend, but preventing others to see you online. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have this function. WhatsApp does not allow you to connect to the service and become invisible as you could do with the old MSN Messenger. This does not mean that we can not do anything to block the annoying people, or those who want to know when we are online or when we connected the last time.

So here are some tips on how to be invisible on WhatsApp without being constantly overwhelmed by messages of little importance.  If you’re wondering how to be invisible on WhatsApp, clearly there is someone who bothers you even though you set your status to “Busy”. In this case, what you should do is stop momentarily the more annoying people: so you will prevent them to see you online.  In that way they can not send messages to you during the period in which you hold them in the black list. If you do not know how to block someone on WhatsApp, do not worry, it is very simple.

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If you use an iPhone, you must go into the Settings tab, select Account> Privacy> Blocked from the menu that opens and press Add new. Then select the name of the person you need to block, and you’re done. When you want to reverse the blocking of one of your contacts, you will need to go again to Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked, swipe to unlock the name (making a swipe from right to left) and press the red button Unlock. If you’re using Android, you have to start WhatsApp, press the + button at the top right of the chat screen and select the contact you want to block. Then you have to press the Menu button located at the top right (the icon with three dots) and select first Other and then the Lock option from the menu that pops up.  To restore the contacts you blocked, you have to go into the chat screen, press the Menu button at the top right (the icon with three dots) and select Settings from the menu that opens. Then, you have to go in the panel Account> Privacy> Blocked Contacts, select the name of the user to unlock and press the Unblock button [name] that appears at the center of the screen.

Another way to increase the level of privacy of WhatsApp is by turning off the display of date and time in which you were connected to the service the last time. In this way, you can avoid giving explanations to your girlfriend or to your friends about why you have not replied to their messages even if you were connected. If for some reason you want to disable the display about your last connection to WhatsApp, all you need to do is to go to Settings, select Account> Privacy> Last access from the menu that opens, and set the option No-One.  If you’d prefer to hide the date of your last access to WhatsApp only to those users who are not yet included among your contacts, choose My contacts. But pay attention, by turning off the display of the date of your last access to WhatsApp you will not be able to see date and time of the last connection of your contacts.

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