How to secure WhatsApp

how to secure whatsappAs we know the success of WhatsApp, one of the most complete and popular messaging applications, is constantly growing. This famous app has now an incredible number (more than 700 million!) of monthly active members with, as you can imagine, a huge traffic of information shared between them. For this reason, we think that you will find the following security tips of some use.

1. WhatsApp Lock – WhatsApp Lock is an extremely useful application to avoid nosy people. After installing this app, you will be asked to set a 4-digit PIN. But perhaps the most interesting feature of this app is that it automatically takes a photo from the camera if someone digits the wrong PIN, letting you know immediately who tried to use your device.

2. Hide “last seen” timestamp – WhatsApp usually shows to our contacts the last time we were online. But there is a way to disable this default option. If you use an Android device: go to Settings -> Accounts> Privacy -> Hide last access time. On iOS: go to Settings -> Chat- Settings> Advanced> Hide access time. But remember that if you turn it off, you won’t be able to see other users’ “last seen” times either.

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3. Prevent photos and media files received from appearing in the phone’s main gallery. You may prefer not to see pictures received while chatting in the main gallery of the phone. To help you, there is a simply method that can block such function. Android users can use File Explorer and create a file called “.nomedia” in WhatsApp images folder. This file will stop Android’s Gallery from scanning the folder. For users of Apple operating systems (iOS and other devices) it is even easier: just go to Settings-> Privacy-> Photos.

4. Create shorcuts with your most important contacts – This is a very useful option if you frequently chat with the same peaple. In fact, with this function WhatsApp allows you to create shortcuts on the home page. If you use an Android device, just select the contacts you want on the home page, press them and then choose “create shortcut”. If you use iOS, unfortunately, this operating system this function is not provided. But you can always use the app 1TapWA to have a similar function.

5. Profile picture – If you use the same picture on Twitter, Linkedin or your website, and even on WhatsApp, it could be very easy to find more about you through Google Image search. To restrict the access to your profile picture, set it to “contacts only” from the Privacy menu.

6. Disactivate WhatsApp – If you lose your phone WhatsApp offers you a range of options to protect your account. Among others, WhatsApp suggests that you immediately activate the app with the same phone number on another phone, with a replacement SIM. In this way, you will immediately block it from being usen on your lost phone.

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