How to send an email using WhatsApp

email whatsappToday many of our most important conversations take place on Whatsapp. This successful app for instant messaging has become part of our lives and we often regret that all these conversations remain there. Would you like to send them via email to someone? Imagine that one of your friends has lost the phone and with it all its conversations: surely it will please him to receive them by e-mail!

So, are you wondering how to do it? Well, you’re reading the right article. Let’s see togheter this very handy guide to find out how to send a WhatsApp conversation through email, making use of automatic procedures, with both Android and iPhone.

If you need to send a WhatsApp conversation via email, picking up the phone and starting to copy hundreds of sentences and writing them down on your PC is not really a good idea, don’t you think? If you think about it, consider at the time that you would waste. But maybe you are not aware of the existence of a simple procedure included in the app.

Sending a WhatsApp conversation via email using iPhone and Android.  For iPhone and Android smartphones there are similar procedures which allow you to send a WhatsAPp conversation through email, directly accessing the application settings and without the need to download any additional app to complete the operation successfully.

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1. Start WhatsApp. The first step will be to start WhatsApp on your phone where there is the conversation that you want to send via e-mail, and then enter the menu with the three dots and select the Settings item from the list, at the top right of your screen.

2. Enter the chat settings and look for the sending conversation option. At this point the procedure is almost finished, because now you can just select Settings, Chat and, in this folder, among the various options proposed, you will find the option Send conversation via e-mail. This option, as you can guess, contains everything you need to satisfy your request.

3. Select and send a WhatsApp conversation through email. At this point the app will submit you all your conversations in a list, in a chronological order starting with the most recents. Now, simply touch the one you want to send via email, choose to add a file as an attachment (by clicking Attach Media) or leave it as it is (choosing without Media) and conclude with the final submission of the conversation to the email address inserted.

That’s it! You have now sent your email using WhatsApp.

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