How to send text messages using WhatsApp

whatsapp smsThanks to WhatsApp, you can send free text messages from the internet. Just one single app that allows you to keep in touch with all your friends and acquaintances, sending text messages 24 hours a day and 7 days out of 7.

The Skype of text messages.
Some have indicated WhatsApp as the Skype of text messages. Why? Because with WhatsApp you can send free text messages from the internet as well as on Skype you can call your friends all over the world without paying a single euro. Obviously, for both applications, the necessary condition is to have an internet connection, maybe flat, so you do not have user cost. After installing the app, the user is associated with an account and is immediately able to send messages to mobile phone numbers around the world. Obviously those who receive the messages need to be connected to WhatsApp otherwise they will not be received.

The most important thing is that once you have installed the app you can send messages virtually without limit; that is why Whatsapp is so adored by those who send dozens of text messages every day.  Furthermore, with Whatsapp you can also send text messages to groups of users, creating real chat with friends or work colleagues, always at no cost.
WhatsApp Messenger is a free application compatible with all major mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry) that allows you to send and receive messages for free over the Internet as if they were text messages, with notifications even when the program is closed and receiving messages also when you are off-line (in this case, the messages are displayed the next time you are online).

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The first step you need to take in order to send free messages from your mobile phone is obviously to install WhatsApp on your mobile. To do so, connected with the phone’s browser at or go to the market with the applications of your operating system (eg. On the iPhone App Store and Android Market on Android) and look for WhatsApp between the applications available. When the installation is completed, start WhatsApp Messenger and, from that screen, press the Accept button to accept the conditions of use of the program. Then enter the number of your mobile phone in the proper field and touch the OK button twice in a row to validate the operation. At the end of it (it should take a few moments), choose the user name you want to use and press the OK button to continue. Make sure you have an active Internet connection and with a good signal and, within a few seconds, you should see the main screen of WhatsApp.

You did it! At this point, if you want to find out how to send free messages from your mobile phone with WhatsApp Messenger you just have to tap the pencil icon located at the top right and select the name of a friend. Then type your message, click the Send button and you’re done: you have just sent a free text message!  Obviously, you can send free messages with WhatsApp only to friends who have installed this application on their phone (contacts are found automatically by the application based on the contacts you have in your address book) and only if you are connected to the Internet with the your mobile.
WhatsApp works like a messenger via mobile with the particularity that each user does not register by providing the email address, but the phone number.  Installing WhatsApp you are able to see who else among your friends uses the same application, so you can send them free messages.

Whatsapp is the most used between the applications of this kind that, taking advantage of the Internet’s phone, Wifi or 3G, allows you to exchange messages with your contacts.
With this application, there are no limits on the number of messages a day you can send for free. You can also send pictures, video and voice messages, you can make group conversations and there is no additional cost if the recipients are abroad. WhatsApp receives incoming messages as soon as the phone is connected to the internet. WhatsApp works on iPad and tablets and is currently the best application to send free messages (although on Android and iPhone you pay a subscription).

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