How to send video through WhatsApp

How to forward a video through WhatsAppOne of your friends has sent you a funny video on WhatsApp, and you would like to share it in one of the groups you belong to, but you don’t how? Did you find a nice video on YouTube and want to send it to one of your contacts on WhatsApp? No problem at all. WhatsApp allows you to share and send any video easily.
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All you need to do is select a video, press the share icon and choose the friend or the group you want to send it to. You’re not too familiar with these types of applications and you do not know how to move within the various menu? Do not worry. Just take two minutes of your time and find out how to submit a video on WhatsApp step by step, just following the instructions that you can find below.

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If you use an Android smartphone and you want to submit a video, you just have to open the conversation where the video you want to share is and hold your finger on its preview for a couple of seconds. Then, click the button with the arrow that appears at the top right, select the name of the person or the group you want to send your video and confirm the operation by pressing the OK button. That’s all!

If you use an iPhone the procedure is very similar: open the chat that is hosting the video you want to share with other friends, hold for a few seconds your finger on the preview and select Forward. Subsequently, press the Forward 1 video icon, select the person or the group you want to send the video to and press the button Submit to confirm the operation.

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp allows you to share within the chats even YouTube videos. The latter, however, unlike the videos uploaded directly from your smartphone, will not be played directly inside the app. In fact, they are displayed as a link that, when selected, allows you to watch the video on YouTube. To submit a YouTube video on WhatsApp, open the YouTube app on your smartphone, find the video you want to share, launch it and press the share icon that is located in the upper right corner (the one with the three dots linked together by a line).

Now, if you use an Android smartphone, you have to select the icon of WhatsApp, choose the contact (or group) you want to send the video link, and you’re done. If you’re using an iPhone, you have to select the Copy link from the menu that appears, then you have to open WhatsApp, choose the discussion where to share the video and paste the link copied before (if you do not know how to do it, just hold your finger for a couple of seconds in the message composition bar and select Paste from the menu that appears).

Finally, I remind you that you can share on WhatsApp also videos you’ve saved on your phone memory: the ones you have saved with the smartphone’s camera but also those you’ve downloaded from the Internet. If you use Android, just type the staple icon located at the top right, select Gallery from menu that appears and choose the video you want to upload on WhatsApp from the Gallery. If you use an iPhone you just have to press the arrow icon located in the lower left corner and select Choose existing video from the menu that appears.

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