How to solve WhatsApp privacy issues: features that (maybe) you don’t know

whatsapp privacy 2Since most of us use WhatsApp, we would like to be able protect our privacy and avoid useless discussions with relatives, friends or colleagues. It seems indeed that this instant messaging app has given people an effective instrument of control. And if it wasn’t enough, recently we’ve discovered that WhatsApp is the worst app when it comes to privacy.

That’s what the Electronic Frontier Foundation has just declared in its last annual report (‘Who Has Your Back?’), which analyses the results of a research regarding the privacy of users of apps and services. So, we really don’t have a solution for this problem? Maybe not a proper one, but today what we can do is to give you some suggestions to protect your privacy on WhatsApp.

Some features of WhatsApp that (maybe) you do not know
Do you really know all the services that  WhatsApp provides you? There are some “secret” functions that can help you to protect your privacy and manage better your app.

1. How to hide Last Seen. Yes, it is possible to hide the timestamp which tells whether you are Online or when you were Last Seen. You just have to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen Option. Tap on Who can see my personal Info and select whom you prefer to show the information (Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody).

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2. How to block a contact. WhatsApp allows you to block unwanted users. You simply have to open the conversation with a contact you don’t want to chat anymore and click on Other and then Block. If you wish to block more than one contact, you have to go to Settings  > Account > Privacy >  Blocked. Once you are here tap the Add New button to add contacts to your Blocked list.

3. How to change your WhatsApp number. This option allows you to use the same WhatsApp account and to change the phone number. Open Settings > Account > Change number.

4. How to get a WhatsApp password. The app does not have any passwords built into it. You will find many apps which can help you get one, for example ChatLock+ or App Lock.

5. How to delete your WhatsApp account. It is very simple. You just have to go to Settings > Account > Delete Account.

6. Change the profile picture of a friend. If you want to change the profile picture of one of your friends, first of all you have to save an image of 561×561 pixel with the name of his telephone number. After that, you can move the new picture to Profile Picture Folder (which is situated in the SD of your device).

7. How to run multiple WhatsApp account. Also this procedure is extremely simple, you just have to download Switch Me (or using a dual sim phone)

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