WhatsApp: how to create a Broadcast List

broadcast listWhatsApp Messenger, among its many functions, offers a particularly useful one that allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts at once. The peculiarity of this function is that each recipient doesn’t know who the other recipients are. We already have a similar opportunity in our email, through which every recipient reply diretly only to the sender of the message.

This feature of WhatsApp is called Broadcast, and it consists in a list of contacts to whom you can send one or more messages. It is very handy as, once you have formed your list, you do not have to recreate it every time you want to send a message to the same contacts. The fundamental requirement for members of the list to receive your messages is that they have registered your telephone number on their agenda. Now, let’s see how to create a Broadcast List.

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Obviously the first step is to open WhatsApp. At the top of the Chats screen you will see the Broadcast Lists button: tap it. Now, press New List at the bottom of the Broadcast Lists Screen and type the names of your contact (if you prefer, you can press the + button to choose the names from your contact list). At this point you can tap Create. Now and you have your Broadcast List. As we said before, remember that when you send a message to the Broadcast List, all recipients in the list will receive it. The message will be received as o normal one and you will see their reply in your Chats screen, and only you will receive it.

Once you have a Broadcast List you have the possibility to modify it, with an extremely simple procedure. To edit one of your Broadcast Lists, first of all you need to open your Broadcast Lists and click on the (i) button on the List you want to update. Now, from the Info screen, you have two choices: the first one is to change the name of the Broadcast List; the other one allows you to remove or to add recipients from the list, by simply tapping on Edit.

It is important that you remember that Broadcast Lists are completely different from Group Chats. Infact Broadcast Lists are a one-to-many message, where with Group Chats your recipients will participate in a group conversation.

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