How to get WhatsApp for free

How to get WhatsApp for freeMany WhatsApp users are wondering how to have WhatsApp for free forever. In fact, as you know, after the twelve-month free trial, you have to pay an annual fee (to be honest extremely low, about 0.96$/0.89 Euro). The question is not so easy to solve, because obviously there are no legal ways to use the application at no cost, but there are some particular instances where you can avoid the payment of the annual fee without violating the terms of WhatsApp license.

Curious to learn more? Then keep on reading and see if you too can take advantage of some small discount or even use this app completely free of charge. There are basically two ways to get WhatsApp for free on a regular basis: get the license for the application as a gift from a friend or, for iPhone users, redeem the purchase of the app when it was still sold on the App Store with the one-time payment method (so, without annual fee). In the first case, you have to send the link to the payment of your subscription to a friend or relative, who will then pay the bill for a year’s subscription to the service using his own credit card or PayPal account.

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If you do not know how to do it, do not worry: it’s easy. You just have to start WhatsApp, press the Menu key located at the top right (the icon with three dots) and select Settings> Accounts> Info payment. Now, you have to press the Send Payment URL that is located at the bottom, type the email address of the person who will have the task to pay your subscription and you’re done. The recipient of the message can open the WhatsApp link directly on his PC and complete the payment online. You can verify if the renewal was successful by opening again WhatsApp and going back to Settings> Accounts> Info payment and taking a look at the expiration date of the service, at the top right.

Alternatively, you could use another procedure. First of all you will have to uninstall Whatsapp from your phone; then find another mobile with a different operating system; re-download the application on the mobile keeping the original phone number; then just exit from the Whatsapp account of the new phone (the one with the different operating system) and reset WhatsApp on your original phone. At this point, by looking at the ‘expiration date’ you should find the word “Lifetime”, and so now you will have Whatsapp free forever.

But, if you prefer, there are many other messaging services that offer potentially the same opportunities than Whatsapp. For example: Line, Viber, Tango, WeChat, the brand new Telegram of Russian nationality, Chad2win and more.

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