How to use WhatsApp on iPad

How to use WhatsApp on iPadYou want to install WhatsApp on your iPad but can not find it in the App Store. Why? Because WhatsApp is available only on smartphones and its use on tablets is not yet officially supported. But we have found some tricks to do it anyway.

If you have an iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher (any model), and an iPhone that already has WhatsApp Messenger, you can transfer the application to your tablet through the jailbreak (the procedure used to unlock Apple devices and install unofficial software). The procedure is a little bit difficult and requires time, but if you really want WhatsApp on your iPad it is the only thing to do.

First af all, before installing WhatsApp on your iPad, you have to unlock your tablet by performing the jailbreak on it, and, depending on the iOS version installed on the device, you have to download a different software. Even with different softwares, the procedure for the jailbreak is almost always the same. In most cases, you simply have to start the program (a simple .exe) and click a button. At this point, you need to find out which iOS version is installed on your device, so press the Settings icon > General > Menu info, here you will find the number placed next to “Version”.

If you are using a version of iOS between the 7.0 and 7.06, you must download Evasion by connecting to the website of the software and click the Download button. When the download is completed, open the file you just downloaded and start the file evasi0n7_Setup (1).exe contained in it and launch the installation process of Evasion. Now, you have a new window opened. From here click first on Accept to accept the terms of use of the program and then Decline to avoid downloading software offers.

At this point you just have to wait for all the elements needed for the installation of Evasions to be downloaded on your PC. After that, it will start automatically. Now you can connect your iPad to the computer, and when Evasion finds it, click on the Jailbreak button. During this phase be careful not to accept proposals to update iOS.

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The process to unlock the terminal will go on for a few minutes, until you will see this message: To continue, please unlock your device and tap the new “evasion7” icon. From here, you have to open the home screen of your iPad and click on Evasion from the Springboard.

Be patient for a few more minutes, when you are asked to log in again from the home page of your iPad (you will read: To continue, please unlock your device) and the procedure to unlock your device will be completed. From Evasion, when you read: Done! click on Exit to close the application. On the iPad, however, after disconnecting the device from the computer, you have to wait for the latter to process the files of the jailbreak. It will take a few seconds, during which you will see a white screen with the logo of Evasion in the middle.

Users of iOS versions between the 8.0 and the 8.1 will have to follow another procedure and use Taig. It is easy to download, simply connecting to the site and clicking on Download Taig Jailbreak Tool. Users of this versions can also use PanGu, which is quite similar to Taig.

After the jailbreak, you have to use Cydia, which is an alternative store for iOS, available only on unlocked devices. Cydia will ask you if you are a standard user, a developer or a hacker. Choose the first option and go to the Search section of the store where you can find WhatsPad, which is a small software that will allow you to unlock the use of WhatsApp on your iPad. Now select WhatsPad and click on Install, then Confirm and Restart the Springboard. At this point you must extract the application from an iPhone backup and transfer it on your tablet using a program called iFunBox (it is free).

To download it on your PC, connect to its website and click first on the download button for Windows (also available for Mac) and then on the first When the download is completed, open by double clicking on it the file you just downloaded and extract the files contained in any folder. Later you will need the software. Now open the folder where are contained the files of the iTunes library (\iTunes Music\Mobile Applications) and copy on the desktop WhatsApp x.x.x.ipa.

Now connect the iPad to the computer, launch the program iFunBox2014.exe and click Install app. Select the ipa package of WhatsApp and wait while the latter is transferred to the tablet. When the operation is completed, start WhatsApp Messenger from the home page of your iPad, enter the phone number of your iPhone and click the Finish button (located at the top right). After that, you can choose whether to restore your conversations from iCloud and start using the app normally.

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