How to know if your WhatsApp message was read

How to know if your WhatsApp message was readIf you frequently use WhatsApp, you certainly already know every secret of this successful instant messaging app. But, if you are a new user, probably you are not yet aware of all the functions it offers. For example  there is an option that lets everyone know when a message has been read by the recipient. With the introduction of this option you can no longer pretend that you have not read a message, because whoever sent it, will receive a notification as soon as it has been read.

In fact on WhatsApp, when a message has been seen and read, a double blue check marks will appear next to the message. It happens on Android, Windows Phone and iPhone smartphones. So, let’s see in detail what happens. When you see a single check mark (v), it means that the message was sent successfully. If you see a double check marks (vv), it means that the message was received but not yet read. Finally, if you see two blue check marks, it means that the message was read.

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If you need to see more info regarding your messages, you will be able to see a Message Info screen, where you can “track” your message history seeing when it was delivered and read by the recepient, or even when it was listened (if it was a Voice Message). To access the Message Info screen you have to open a chat with a contact or a group, then you need to tap and hold on your sent message. Tapping again the Information symbol, the Message Info Screen will then show: Delivered when your message has reached your recipient’s phone, but the receipient has not yet read it; Read if the recipient has read the message (or seen, if the receipient has seen a picture or a video).

So it seems that the only way to hide the two blue check marks is to open WhatsApp without entering into the conversation, as only opening it the double check marks turn blue. There are actually another couple of tricks: using your smartphone in Plane Mode or reading WhatsApp through the widget on Android. To add the WhatsApp’s widget on Android, you can select it from the main screen.

Android users who have the latest versions, can download straight from WhatsApp site the update which allows to disable the two blue check marks. It is a simple procedure. Once downloaded the update, you just have to go to Settings, Account, Privacy, and then you can remove the blue check marks.

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