How to forward a WhatsApp message

forward messagesThanks to the spread of smartphones, one of the free messaging application now available, Whatsapp, is practically replacing old text messages. The app, in fact, not only allows you to send free text messages to other users who have the same software, but also to send to your contacts photos, videos, and to share with them music and even your location through the geolocation.

The success of WhatsApp is incredible and seems unstoppable, and now this app, bought by Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Facebook), is the most used instant messaging application in the world. So, since all of your friends and colleagues use WhatsApp, you too have started using it to send and receive messages for free with them to share information, arrange appointments, travels and a lot of other things.

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This instant messaging application is really very easy to use and requires no special configuration. And now that you are a WhatsApp user, you are curious to know if you can forward messages received through it, as you already do with emails or regular text messages. Obviously you can. So let’s see together how to forward a WhatsApp message.

Clearly, the first thing you have to do is to open WhatsApp on your smartphone and press the Chat button to see the list of your messages (sent and received) through WhatsApp. From here, select the message you want to forward and tap on Modify (you’ll find the button on the top of the screen). Now, put the check mark next to the message (or the messages) you want to send and click Forward.

At this point you have to open your WhatsApp contact list and select with who you want to share the message, and then reply Yes to the following notification. That’s it! What’s interesting is that you can forward WhatsApp messages not just to one contact, but also to groups (simply by choosing a group instead of a single contact).