WhatsApp: how to use Voice Calling Feature

voice callThe arrival of WhatsApp Calling was highly anticipated, and the many users of this successful instant messaging app could not wait to be able to use it also for their calls. With WhatsApp calling you can contact whoever you need, your family, your colleagues or your friends using WhatsApp for free, even if you are in a different country.

On the official website of WhatsApp it is available for download the new version that allows you to make voice calls, now allowed only on Android, BlackBerry 10 and iPhone devices. The new feature appears to be well integrated with the application and also free of bugs, so let’s see the procedure to use it.

The first thing you need to know is that WhatsApp Calling uses your phone’s Internet connection, not your mobile plan’s voice minutes, so it is cheaper and you can use it even if you have finished your phone’s credit, or if you know you have to make a very long call. But let’s see how you can place a call using WhatsApp.

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It is extremely easy, much more than you were expecting. You simply have to open the chat and select the person you want to call. Now you just need to tap on the phone button which is situated on the top. It is even easier if someone calls you. In fact, when there is an incoming call, you will see it on your WhatsApp screen.

To answer an incoming call you just need to tap and slide the green button. That’s if you want to answer. If otherwise you prefer to decline the call, simply slide the red button. If you wish to decline the call with a quick message, you can tap on the message icon on the call screen.

But it is important that you remember that with WhatsApp Calling you cannot access emergency service numbers or 911, so if you need to do emergency calls you have to find alternative ways.