What is WhatsApp and How to use it

whatisWhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application of the world, with millions of users who use it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Its operation is very simple, thanks to what is a good and perfect substitute for SMS and MMS, however, free. The growth of the service was very fast and when the threshold of 450 million users took place the turning point for a total value of $ 16 billion, Facebook acquired WhatsApp bringing the two communities under the same roof.

What is WhatsApp and how to use it
The app works to send SMS and MMS and allows to send / receive text messages, sounds, voice notes, videos, photographs, notes and contact information to other users (individual or group) who use the same service. The only requirement is to have a compatible phone, have an internet connection always active – better with an unlimited data plan – and the recipients have installed precisely the same app. All WhatsApp accounts are linked to the mobile number of the person receiving the service: the address book remains absolutely private and no other user can have access to his/her contacts.

What is needed to use Whatsapp?
Besides having a compatible smartphone, Whatsapp requires access to the Internet in order to exchange content with other contacts: you must have a data plan and you should take advantage of the Wi-Fi network (when we are near a hotspot). For continued use of it, it’s better to have an internet connection, otherwise messages waiting to be sent, will go through our operator, so it will costs some money.Obviously, a data plan / internet for smartphone has a cost and some limits that you have to arrange with your mobile operator. Whatsapp is not responsible for any expenses allocated during the use of the service.

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Is WhatsApp free?
On either version of iOS, Android and Windows Phone, WhatsApp can be downloaded and used free of charge for a period of time of twelve months, after which you will need a subscription to continue to use it: an extra year will cost 0.89 euro, three-year2.40 EUR and five-year 3.34 EUR; there is no difference between the free version of the app and the paid version. Subscriptions are cumulative, so a possible second subscription will be added to the current one or the free trial period. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or Google Wallet, and in some cases – depending on the telephone operator – even with a charge on our phone credit.

Installation, activation and smartphone compatible with WhatsApp
There are several versions of WhatsApp, dedicated specifically to iPhone, to Android smartphones and those based on Windows Phone. Usually it does not work with only Wi-Fi devices or with iPad or iPod touch, unless it is made the Jailbreak (which, however, leads to the invalidation of the warranty). WhatsApp for iOS requires iOS 4.3 or later, for Android instead you need at least Android 2.1 and higher, while for Windows Phone you need release 7.5 or 8. In the latter case it is strongly recommended to make use of devices supporting Windows Phone 8, as with previous versions there were many problem.

In addition to messages, what can I share with my Whatsapp contacts ?
The service allows you to send text messages, voice recordings, video, images and notes with all the friends who use Whatsapp and that we included in our list of contacts. In addition, recent rumors anticipated that very soon will be possible to make free calls with WhatsApp to all our users; this new feature could be released during 2015 !

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