Whatsapp for iPAD AIR

whatsapp for ipad airTo chat with friends and family, no matter where they are located, Whatsapp for iPad Air is an excellent way to go. As long as you have a cell phone number, this device is going to work for you.

Installing Whatsapp for your iPad Air is pretty simple. Just launch the App Store on iTunes and type in “WhatsApp”.

Whats the application has been found, select it and press “Install”. It is a free application so it does not cost you anything initially to install it onto your device.

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After the application has been installed, press the application and wait for it to open. Here, you need to integrate your mobile phone number. Once you type this in, the application is going to tell you that you have three free months to work with the application, and then it is going to charge a monthly fee (so you can determine if you like it or not). If you have your contacts from your iPhone, Mac or other devices synced with the iPad Air, WhatsApp is able to scan all of your current connections in order to see who else has the app. You can also look over your Facebook account to see if anyone has integrated their Facebook account into their Whatsapp as well. This way, you can directly communicate with them through the application.

In order to message someone, it works just like any other text messaging applications. Select the person you want to message, or manually type in their phone number, then type in your message to send it. A single check mark next to the message indicates the message has been received by the other person’s account and a second check mark appears when they have read the text message.

If you want to send a picture or a video, press the open blank area where you would type a message to the recipient, then push the paperclip icon. This brings up a selection of different options and you can choose to include a picture or video here. Do note that if you are sending a longer video, you need to remain in your data zone, whether it is WiFi or 4G connection, until the video has completely gone through (the check mark appears next to the sent message). You are free to also save any of your images as a user icon, if you go to your “Profile Settings”.

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