Whatsapp for Apple Watch (Iwatch)

How to Download and Install whatsapp when you do not previously have whatsapp installed on your iphone: Whatsapp is now compatible with the new Apple Watch , and here is a step by step guide that will tell you how to find, download, and install whatsapp on your Apple Watch. Or, how to transfer whatsapp to your Apple Watch if you already have it installed on your iphone.
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Step One In order to find the whatsapp on your Apple Watch you either have to locate the whatsapp on either your current appstore on your iphone, or you can find the whatsapp on the Apple Watch companion app.

Step Two: Begin by opening up your current app store on your iphone, and then proceed to searching whatsapp. Once you have found the whatsapp you should see that it is tagged with a message stating that it is offered on Apple Watch for the iphone. If you are choosing to use the Apple Watch Companion App simply find the icon that looks like a watch on your iphone. Open this app up, and then search whatsapp.

Step Three: Downloading the whatsapp using the regular app store and Apple Watch companion app is basically the same process. All you have to do is hit “install” like you would any other app that you have previously installed on your iphone, and the whatsapp app will download and install. Once you have installed the whatsapp on your iphone either through using the regular app store, or the Apple Watch companion app app store you will be able to use whatsapp on your Apple Watch.

Installing whatsapp if you have already previously installed it on your iphone prior to purchasing the Apple Watch
Step One: If you have already got whatsapp on your iphone that you had downloaded and installed prior to purchasing the Apple Watch; you should already have whatsapp on your Apple Watch. If you do not make sure that you have the Apple Watch companion installed on your iphone. If you do not go to your app store on your iphone, and download the Apple Watch App that will have the icon of a watch. .

Step Two: Once you download the Apple Watch App open it on your iphone. you can locate the Apple Watch App by finding and tapping on the watch icon.

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Step Three: Once you open the Apple Watch App click “My Watch”.

Step Four: Once you click “My Watch” locate the settings section.

Step Five: After opening settings scroll down the list, and look for the Apple Watch compatible apps.

Step Six: Once you find this list you will be able to see the apps that you have already downloaded. Keep in mind that the apps listed on this list are only the apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch.

Step Seven: If you already have whatsapp on your iphone locate this app on that list. Simply scroll down the list until you find the whatsapp app.

Step Eight: Once you find the whatsapp on this list simply tap it.

Step Nine: Then proceed to find the “Share App” on Apple Watch.

Step Ten: Click on this to add the app to your Apple Watch.

Step Eleven: Once you do this you will receive a message on your Apple Watch that will ask you to install the whatsapp.

Step Twelve: Choose yes. and you will have successfully added whatsapp to your Apple Watch. …

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