Whatsapp for Jailbroken Ipad

How To Download And Install Whatsapp On The Jailbroken iPad

What is a jailbreaking?
Some people tend to be convinced that the walls surrounding the iPhone OS garden are a little too high. The only freedom you can have at this point is a ticket for jailbreaking.

Surprisingly, Ipad or IPods devices and manufactured in a way that, they can only download applications that have been approved by Apple. The applications must only be available in the App store. Now, the process of jailbreaking involves eliminating the above limitations. The IPod will be able to work efficiently by opening up to external features that are outside of the App store.
Jailbroken Ipad
Don’t worry; you won’t be jailed just because you have jailbroken your phone. In fact, it is legal to jailbreak certain devices. If it was for this, probably, you won’t be using important applications such as Whatsapp on your IPad.

Complete step to step guide of how to download and install Whatsapp on the jailbroken IPad.

Whatsapp application is typically not supported by iPhone touch or I pad. You have to install some applications for it to work effectively. If you have a jailbroken IPad, then the following tips will guide on how to install a Whatsapp application:

First step: Download Whatsapp for IPad through iTunes

The process involves searching the Whatsapp icon on the iTunes or App stores. Afterward, type WhatsApp into the search box. You should be able to locate the WhatsApp application easily. The application will directly display itself on your iPad screen.
Furthermore, you should be legible to enter your iTunes password account for you to access and press the install icon. Besides, you should wait a while for the WhatsApp application to finish downloading.

Second Step: Download the iPads configuration Utility

iPhone configuration utility is a specified tool that helps to manage the iPad and iPhone at large. By downloading the configuration utility, you will easily access the Whatsapp application without worry.

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Advantages of an iPad configuration utility are that it helps iPad users to install security profiles and various applications to multiple operating systems.

Third Step: After running the application for configuration utility

You will be able to identify the Whatsapp application at the top in the left window. It is recommended to make sure that it is visible for you to see the application that you are installing.

Fourth Step

Don’t forget to click on the advert button at the top left of the configuration utility window. The process will redirect you to various files that you have chosen to download.

Fifth Step

Afterward, choose your downloaded Whatsapp file. It is normally located in the iTunes data folder thus under iTunes media or mobile applications.

Sixth step

Now, you should be able to access the Whatsapp install button on your iPad touch. The downloading process usually takes about thirty to forty minutes. Even though sometimes the network configuration may let you down; you should be patient at this point. If you don’t wait for a while, you have to restart the whole installing process once more.

Seventh Step: Cydia:

You can now download the WhatsPad in the Bigboss repo. Cydia is an application that allows iPads and iPhone users to search and install various software packages on jailbroken devices. The Bigboss repository is typically the largest source of applications. You can be able to modify your iPhone or iPad thus controlling it on what to do.

Last step

Don’t forget to activate Whatsapp. You should do this by entering your active phone number. Later, Whatsapp will send you a message. You should enter that notification in Whatsapp to verify. Once that is done, you are now free to chat and use Whatsapp without any doubt.

Point to note: It is important for you to update the application after every two to three months. The process will make your iPhone work more effectively.

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