New beta for WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the Starred Messages feature and much more have been added

starred messages for windows phoneA new beta of WhatsApp is available for Windows Phone users and it brings several updates. New beta version 2.12.190 promises to be exciting since it comes with the Starred Messages feature and a new interface that allows you to attach pictures and videos. Let’s see in detail how these new functions work.

First of all let’s talk about the popular Starred Messages feature. This option, already available for Android and iOS users of WhatsApp, is finally available for Windows Phone users too. How does it work? When you decide to “star a message” it will appear in the contact card of that specific contact, so you won’t risk to miss any important messages (for example, if they are messages related to your job). Useful, isn’t it?

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Now, above we talked about a new interface for attaching pictures and videos. This seems to be another interesting feature and also really easy to use. In fact to take a picture you simply have to tap the button, and for a video just tap and hold. In addition, if you want to add to your chat a video or a picture, you can select them from the list. What more? Yes, because the news are not yet finished.

Beta version 2.12.190 brings another appealing feature which allows you to save your voice messages to a new PTT folder located in Pictures/WhatsApp. The interesting thing of this feature is that users will be able to forward, store or even modify the voice messages received. The files of the voice messages are .aac files and their extension is .wap. Once you have saved your voice messages you can play them back easily with a file explorer.

Unfortunately all the above updates are currently available only for beta testers (being version 2.12.190 a beta), so Windows Phone users should  be patient until the stable version will be released.