New updates for WhatsApp: new Beta versions available for Android (2.12.298) and for BlackBerry 10 Mobile (

whatsapp logoWith its 900 million active users (Jan Koum, CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp, has stated that 1 million people a day sign up for WhatsApp’s services), it’s undeniable that the popularity of WhatsApp seems unstoppable. The reasons of this success are many, you well know them, as you also know that you can use the app from several platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone or Nokia Symbian. The developers of WhatsApp work very hard to offer a good service and keeps improving the app. Just to give you an example, during the last weekend were released two beta versions: one for the Android platform and the other one for BlackBerry 10 Mobile OS. But how do they work? How can you download them in order to upgrade your device? Let’s see it together.

whatsapp android nuova betaWhatsApp Beta 2.12.298 for Android

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Well yes, there is another new APK for Android devices. Since most of the users of WhatsApp access this popular instant messaging app using the Android platform, it is quite obvious that WhatsApp developers pay a particular attention to its improvement. The result is that there are new updates every few days. All those releases often bring just bug fixes, and today’s new APK is no exception. In fact version 2.12.298 doesn’t introduce any new features. Just the installation file is a little bit different, having been reduced from 22.72MB to 19.38MB. Remember that this new Beta 2.12.298 is not a stable version, but just one to be tested, so you can’t download it from the Google Play Store but you will find it on the internet. As usual, to install it on your Android device, you have to go to Settings > Security and enable the Unknown Source. Alternatively, on the Google Play Store you can find the previous version 2.12.297.

whatsapp per blackberry new betaWhatsApp Beta for BlackBerry 10 Mobile OS 
Today we have to talk also about WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10, since a new Beta version has been released. This version mainly brings new emojis and translation support. Further more there are the usual bug fixes. As usual, being a Beta, to install this version you have to be a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, so don’t look for it on the official app store of BlackBerry.

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