WhatsApp Plus 4.25 version available for Android devices

WhatsApp Plus 4 25More updates are available for WhatsApp users. Thanks to the release of this latest 4.25 version, important changes have been added to WhatsApp Plus for Android, along with many bug fixes. The first noticeable option added is the end-to-end encryption, that now works on the WhatsApp Plus app as well.

Another useful option added is the ability to send documents in XML, ppt, txt, doc and PDF formats. Furthermore, you can now convert images from circular to a square. Last but not least, now you can finally use WhatsApp Plus to make your calls without the risk that the app will crash. In fact the annoying bug that was causing this problem has now been definitively fixed.

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That said, now let’s see how to install WhatsApp Plus 4.25 on your Android Device. It’s really not that difficult. In order to install this latest version of WhatsApp Plus, the first thing you need to do is to enable the “Unknown Sources” option by going to Settings > Applications (or Settings > Security). Once you’ve completed this step, open the internet and search for the WhatsApp Plus 4.25 APK file and download it to your Android device (make sure that you remember where you have saved it).

At this point, go to the folder where you have saved the WhatsApp Plus 4.25 APK file. In order to launch the installation of the file on your device, you simply have to tap on it. Now you have the latest 4.25 version of WhatsApp Plus for Android on your device. Now that we’ve seen how to update your Android device with this latest 4.25 version of WhatsApp Plus, let’s recap a little bit of history of this “unofficial” version of WhatsApp.

In fact, you probably don’t remember (or actually you don’t know) that originally WhatsApp Plus was added to the Google Play Store. But some issues have immediately arisen, and Google received the request to remove WhatsApp Plus from the official Android store directly from the owners of WhatsApp. What was the reason for this request? Copyright issues. But, as you’ve noticed, the owners of Android devices who had already installed the app never stopped using this “unofficial” WhatsApp version.

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