WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.16.218 APK is already available for download

WA for Android latest betaAt least once a week, the developers of WhatsApp roll out a new updated version of the app, and obviously it is advisable to keep your device updated. As you know, one of the many advantages of WhatsApp is that it can be installed on almost any smartphone or mobile device for free. So you can use it with an iPhone, with Windows Phones and so on.

Android users are the majority, for this reason this is the platform that is updated more often. And today we are going to talk about the new 2.16.218 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices that has just been released. This latest 2.16.218 APK file has been decreased by 1554KB, and see the addiction of a new Google and Maven icon. Furthermore, 217 files have been deleted and other 830 have been modified.

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This new 2.16.218 APK contains also 24 new files, and 20 of them are related to Google services icons and files for handling. Unfortunately, this latest Beta doesn’t add any new features, but, as usual, brings bug fixes and performance improvements. Also, still no signs of the much awaited Video Calling feature. That said, let’s see how to install this latest WhatsApp update on your Android device.

This latest Beta can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it is available only for Beta tester. What does it mean? It means that if you want to download it from the official Android Store, you need to become a Beta tester. The procedure is neither difficult nor long. You simply have to open the browser that you usually use on your Android device and open this page and select “BECOME A TESTER”.

At this point you can open the Google Play store and download this latest 2.16.218 APK of WhatsApp for Android devices. Of course there is the risk to encounter some problems or bugs. In this case you need to report them to the developers so they can solve these issues before the release of the next stable version of the app.